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life is strange

So for the last couple of days I tried not to get on the Internet so much.. because I figured that I had things that were more valuable to spend my time on. like my friends, the loml, me.. you know, that kind of thing.

and it sort of worked out. If by "worked out" you think of reading regency romance novels!

If I may, a small excerpt of "The Phantom Lover" by Elizabeth Mansfield (which I totally picked out of the free book swap from my local Potbelly sandwich shop, based on the the author's nom de plume and wacky sounding title):
"You must leave Thorndene," said the ghost. Then he added, more gently, "I come to warn you, not to harm you. I may never touch you, any more than a shadow may."

"What does that signify?" Nell asked. "Since you are dead, you can have no need or inclination to touch me anyway."

"You can't know much about men - or ghosts - or how delightful you look in that nightdress, if you believe that," he said with disturbing sincerity...

bwa-hahahahaha!! With distubring sincerity! the ghost said! hohohohohohoh.. so ok, I had to read the thing after that. and I did, i read all 250 pages of it. and as I concluded the book, while the loml was watching "Eastern Promises", I exclaimed:

"There's no sex in this book! There's no sex at all!!!" at which point I discovered it had been published in 1979, which explained why the solitary kissing scene in the book seemed so hyped up.

Dang - Phantom Lover Indeed!


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