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something in the water

People talk a lot about the holiday spirit (though this year I've been hearing more about how the christmas sales started before halloween). And I'm willing to agree that there is something magical, no.. perhaps more mystical or just down-right psychotic about this time of year.

Because I believe the biggest problem that americans face is reality (or lack of it). We hide in our cable tv shows, behind our credit card purchases, escape from it in ridiculous cars, and generally prefer to believe that we should behave as we like, and dammit it the world should rearrange itself to accommodate us!

but sadly for us, the world has other people in it and even worse, usually these other people are also americans. so alot of 'reality collisions' can occur. And somehow, with the recession and financiapocolypse going down, I suspect that reality will be swinging back for us with a vengeance. on a side note: Did anybody else see that video of our president (bush himself) getting snubbed at the G20 summit? really sad.

Personally, i've been trying to live more honestly since my 10 day silent meditation retreat retooled my internal thinking parts. but as we head into the end of the year, I can definitely see those bits where I have been less than truthful with myself (the most important person I know, for sure!). and man, all I can hope is that i haven't been too bad, cause it's me paying for it.


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