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this is a tiny town

Today I had Seinfeld moment, which I guess is good because I used to go through 'Dilbert' moments. So I'm either maturing or my life is just getting unreal in a different kind of way.

I have one of those co-workers who likes to talk alot, but not actually with you. Just around you and preferably in repetitious sentences while staring of into the distance. And I don't really mind cause there are all kinds of people in this world. but today, as said person was talking in my cube at me, I managed to spill about mouthful (or mouth-less depending on your perspective) of tea down my blouse.

But here is the thing... it didn't land on my blouse, i managed to run in my blouse to my camisole where is proceeded to cause a mini-flood in my decolletage (if you know what I mean - and if you don't then I can't help you).

so there was my seinfeld moment. I was trying to sneak a tissue down my shirt without the blowhard in my cube noticing... because of course, it would've been too damn to easy to just excuse myself and go to the bathroom.

man, i almost miss the dilbert moments


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