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yoga with the loml

i'm gonna cheat today's blog a bit and post something that I wrote on Facebook already. I know, i know, i can't believe i joined a lame-o social networking site (and for the rest of you - that mySpace page under my name isn't really maintained by me, i swear).

anywho, i don't actually write many posts on facebook, this was sort of an accompaniment to the loml's postings. I'd always thought it'd be kind of neat to have single post with both our perspectives, so maybe someday... meanwhile, here's mine:

well, as some of you may have read, the loml had decided to try yoga classes this last week. Now, I find this whole thing rather thrilling. Not too many ladies can say that their man actually tries this kind of thing, and all the woman in my regular yoga class were slightly envious when I mentioned it.

we had both gone for an intro class last week at a new studio, and I'll admit.. it wasn't that great for me or him. My issue with the class had more to do with the quality of the instructor and the pacing. So I found another studio that had Vinyasa Flow classes, which are supposed to be more invigorating, and the loml went to that. and he liked it!

omg! He liked it enough to go back again (without me). So by now, I was getting a bit curious and today, we both went. The place had only been open a month and was just holding open classes for all levels of student, so we went in. The loml put my mat down next to his, but I didn't want to be tempted to watch him during class so I hauled my mat off to the other side and front. And off we went.

hee-yah! about twenty planks, dogs (up & down), and chattarangas later, I was sweating and my arms hurt. The instructor was warbling on about how Vinyasa would improve strength and flexibility but I have to say this... my strength was apparently puking in the toilet about half way through class - though i did get a nice second wind about 5 minutes later (the fact that i can even call it a second wind should be some kind of hint). I have never been so happy to hear the instructor call out for pigeon pose in my life (and let me tell you, pigeon is not usually a happy place to be).. even wheel felt like some kind of god-send.

but when we finished, i felt pretty awesome. I don't know if I got the best stretch out of it, but I did enjoy myself.


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