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December 2, 2008

all alone is all we are

i think I worked an 11 hour day today, but I'm not quite sure. Mainly because I can't recall what time I got in to work, and the thinking got progressively worse as the day went on (I don't do so well on less than 8 hours of sleep).

so our topic today is brought to you by fuzzy thinking: Personal integrity

These days most of us are looking for a guarantee. Please, let me buy this thing and have it not break, and if it does break that someone else will fix it. I know Best Buy is always pushing those ridiculously priced extended warranties and I'm not even going to comment on Apple-care. Suffice to say, I think that one of the few things that is guaranteed in life is that shit will happen (this is a horrible surprise to most of us, i know).

but on the upside, the other part is this: shit will happen to YOU! (yes, you! right there reading this, you!) Hahahahaha - so this is one of those glass half full or empty things. We can either empty our glasses in an effort to ignore this fact or we can toast our glasses and realize this is a great time to be honest with ourselves. Cause in the end, the only person you are always going to have is you.. so it would be good if you were awesome, right?

Now I admit, I've been thinking New Year's resolution thoughts already about how I need to go to the gym every day so I can have a great foundation for life, but... I think what is more realistic is to work on ourselves, because with a bad attitude nothing is easy. So, like Suze Orman says, live honestly. Don't spend for a lifestyle you don't have, because that is lying. and to take that a step further, don't act like a person you aren't, because that's expensive. and when you stop lying to others, you'll stop lying to yourself. which is good, because damned if we aren't our own tech support in this life.

December 5, 2008

pocketful of sunshine

one of my cats thinks that as long as she moves real slow, that she can get away with anything. Which is odd, because she's black and white, large as life. The only way you can not see her is to be blind or in the dark. but this doesn't stop her anyway.. she'll just be moving in a slow crouch across the bed, trying to sit on you.

which is weird right? how do you stealth sit on someone?

but she tries it pretty frequently, because if it works on birds, it must work on those large hairless things as well? right?

December 6, 2008

embracing fashion

if you know me, then you know I am not exactly fashion forward. My style is wrinkled, preferably fitted (that way maybe some of the wrinkles will fall out, you know?) but years of watching project runway, what not to wear, and tim gunn have finally cracked me. So today I can't help myself, here are some fashion tips that I almost came up with by myself.

1) the X-Trend: The bandage dress has been over for a couple of months. If you are gonna break one out for new year's, stop now. I know they look awesome on the stars, but you aren't gonna become one this way. So resist the urge, DO NOT buy this knock-off from BCBG or Forever 21 or wherever it is this one shows up. and as always, never buy clothes from Target.

2) TREND NOW: Skinny jeans are IN. Yes yes yes! And for winter, you can even wear boots OVER them. yay - skinny legs (even if you are representative of the average american)! unless you wear those god awful fuzzy suede boots which mean that you are channeling a giggly 15 year old. FASHION FAIL! So what does this mean for your wardrobe? mainly that those flared jeans you own are not as awesome as they were last month. (but please remember, muffin tops are never attractive.)

3) TREND FORECAST: Metallic eye shadow is it! Right Now is the time. Yes, I swear to god. Right now. That is my fashion scoop so take it seriously.

well, that's it for now. I swear not to do this again until project runway hits the air again.

December 8, 2008

where's danny kaye?

I've barely noticed the approach of the holiday otherwise known as christkwanzaanukah.. mainly because I've stayed out of the stores and done all my shopping online. Technically, this isn't different from what I did last year except that this year, due to the financiapocolypse I've only visited three websites and bought everything i needed in 10 minutes or less (and definitely spent a whole lot less as well).

I dare say that I've returned to a simpler appreciation of the holiday, almost without realizing it, as I swear I said to the loml not 10 minutes ago, "Hey honey, we can give the neighbors banana bread for christmas!" Lucky for my neighbors, my banana bread (in addition to being tasty) is quite cute. I have a mini-loaf pan. its awesome.

That's not to say that hasn't been a little bit of selfishness mixed in with my down-homey holiday cheer. I did manage to sneak in personal purchases at two of the websites that I bought gifts from. In fact, just today my box from Aveda arrived and I got to try out the completely ridiculously unnecessary new hairbrush that I bought for myself.

The trick with Aveda products is that you absolutely can not trust the reviews on the website. I swear that the customers have brainwashed themselves into believing that everything Aveda makes is filled with magical wonderfull-ness that makes everything better. Its the best marketing that I've ever seen by a company, and I should know. I own a tonne of their products (because they are really good, you know?).

anyway, i didn't need a new hairbrush, but I saw this one on the Aveda website and I wanted it. but of course, the reviews were completely worthless. People were raving about how the brush magically untangled their hair, and how the bristles massaged the scalp, and now their hair was growing out longer than ever because it wasn't breaking like it used to.. for every 20 aveda-phillic reviews, there would be one review saying "its a pretty good hairbrush, but a little pricey".

So what could i do? hahaha - yeah, i know, i know.. i bought it anyway and today it showed up in my house. So I immediately unwrapped my brush and took it for a test drive... and... and.. nothing. It was like a normal brush .. or was it? in fact, it seemed to work a lot like the brush i already owned (shocker there, eh?). and I have no idea if that was a 'good' brush or not since I got it for christmas over 5 years ago from my mother. And its not like I use a lot of other people's brushes so what would I know. hmmphh! ok, so whatever.. i got on with my bad self and did other things.

but then, right before I got ready for bed, I brushed my hair again.. and something strange happened. so I hopped online to tell my friend Christian about it, since he also hearts Aveda. Here is what was said:

christian: ok, so you are saying the handle is ergonomic but the brush itself isn't anything special?

me: i am saying that its apparently a quite normal brush.
i have no idea if its better than average since I've had my old brush for 5 years which worked quite well, and this one seems to be about the same.
so either i now own 2 great brushes or 2 ok brushes?
but, what i am noticing is that if you have a lot of hair the aveda brush is quite fun.
because its like when you are a little girl and you are playing with your 'my little pony'
and you spend hours brushing the hair?
that's what this brush is like. its like you are your own 'my little pony'
i am not quite sure how else to express it.

christian: right on

well now, the only thing left that can make my seasonal joy complete is to catch "white christmas" on tv.

December 9, 2008

news of the weird

So I'm in a pretty good mood, owing to tonight's yoga class (of course not possible without an amazing yoga instructor Pat Pao). I feel great.

So this Christmas, my sister and I cheated it a bit and swapped a couple of presents early. She got me a new hairdryer and I gave her a Chipotle gift card. I almost feel like this is one of those stories your grandparents tell you where they wake up Christmas morning and find their stockings filled with oranges (and we were grateful for them!). Except for me, its like I'm saying, "this christmas, I got a new hairbrush and hairdryer. And they were awesome!". (i know there are some pricey hairdryers out there, but this isn't one of them).

The hairdryer I used to have was an old Vidal Sassoon model that was at least 15 years old. It had three options: super-blast, not-so-super blast, and OFF. And it wasn't until I tried someone else's hairdryer while traveling for thanksgiving that i realized, my hair doesn't have to look like bride of frankenstein. So I asked my sister for a new hairdryer and we went to target to see what had changed in the last decade or so.

hrmmph.. that's about all I can say. Evidently, Tourmaline hairdryers are what's up. Allegedly, ground tourmaline (some sort of stone) produces the best infrared rays and ions for drying your hair. Ions? To dry your Hair?? (I'm not even going to touch on that Infrared bit). Sooo, it also seems that using Ions to dry your hair has become a big hit as well..

well, thank god I was with my sister (who doesn't put up with shit lightly). We quickly identified last year's hot model which was selling for an economical twenty bucks and got that one (I liked it cause its purple and came with attachments - which oddly enough, makes it just like my vacuum cleaner, but I digress).

I just tried it out and it works great! Turns out last year's model also uses ions, but seems to only have "ceramic" technology. hahahaha - i can't believe I spent 5 years on an engineering degree when I could have just gone to Target and read hair dryer boxes!! I feel so foolish!

December 10, 2008

death, taxes, and then...

well, its inevitable I suppose.

no matter how much orange juice and vitamin C and daily-multi vitamins I try to consumer, its seems this cold is trying to get me down.

either that, or i have a winter depression. ughh.

December 11, 2008

is that Guf empty?

It snowed in Louisiana today! (texas too but I find the Louisiana part to be more amazing). I swear, I spend years there without seeing a lick of snow and then what happens? I suppose I should thank global warming for this or something.

So what amazing-ness happened today? not much, unless you count my realization that work is stressful.

Actually, I did notice one other thing. There are people in my office that are younger than me. At first it was just one guy.. and I was like "ok - well, he's real smart and I can see how he got here". but then, another person popped up and I have to face the fact that I'm kind of old. (yes, yes, i know - why did I think this was something to talk about besides the fact that I don't feel particularly mature).. is that how it works? We all think we are normal until someone else does something, and you think "damn, I'm old/young/too tired to deal with this crap".

hmm.. well, in unrelated news, the loml and I have been watching two new shows on the Sci-Fi channel: 'Estate of Panic' and 'Cha$e'.

Estate of Panic is fantastic. It shows people in the closest to a horror movie type scenario that I've ever seen, which is basically putting them in terrible circumstances, trapping them there with their own greed, and then placing huge amounts of pressure (literally and otherwise) on them. I definitely recommend.

Cha$e is a little different. It tries to be serious but the contestants are so ridiculous that its crazy entertaining. The producers try to tell you that Cha$e is a real-life video game simulation. I will tell you that Cha$e is the funniest game of tag that you will ever see on tv. So try putting this on your DVR and see if you think its as funny as I do.

December 14, 2008

a slice of life

As I was performing my morning ablutions, it occurred to me that there was a small piece of bathroom politics that many of you may not be aware of. And when I say 'you', I mean 'men'. So consider this my goodwill PSA:

Often, when people cohabitate, they shop at Costco, or BJs, or Sam's club, because it appears to be cheaper (I'm going to spare you the lessons I've learned from buying a 5 lbs bag of Runts, but if you haven't tried it, its kind of fun). But there are definitely somethings that the loml and I almost-always-only buy in bulk:

pasta sauce
toilet paper
paper towels

Yep - toothbrushes. Which leads to an interesting dilemma. Since we both use the same type of toothbrush, how do we know whose is whose (some of us killed brain cells during our frat days, so this is not an unreasonable question). Well, I always try to pick a brush that's somehow "special" to me. Which basically means I try to snag a color that means "Girl". But in the multi-pack, this isn't easy. Especially when some one else in the house isn't getting with the program. Right now, the loml is using a blue toothbrush. Mine is black (the only other not-blue one left in the pack)!

Before this, his was blue and mine was green. And I came in one morning to find a wet toothbrush in the stand.
"Did you use my toothbrush?"
"uhmmm.. I couldn't remember which one was mine..."

I even had a conversation with my sister about it once, and she commented that her colors went like this:
His: Green Hers: Blue
His: Light Blue Hers: Dark Blue
His: Red Hers: Green


No one seems to make little name holders for your toothbrush, so at this rate I'm either going to hijack some of those wine glass charms or start going to town with a Sharpie.

So there you have it. Small thoughts from a Sunday morning typist.

December 16, 2008

moving on up, to the eastside

dear world:

i must inform you that I am relocating. but its just temporary, in a seasonal sort of way. I've decided to reside in my bath tub for the duration of the winter. I know this may seem drastic, but really, its too late. I'm already in the tub (note to the loml: sorry honey, i had to break that promise about not bringing the laptop into the tub. I swear not to drop it).

I find that the hot water environment of the tub, coupled with the ergonomic features, make it an imminently suitable winter abode. The sloped back rest is at a perfect angle and the teak bath tray is perfect for holding my laptop, cheese, and crackers. The only thing missing is tub service, but maybe I can train one of the cats to refill my wine glass. Otherwise, water is plentiful. oh, so plentiful.

Soapy regards,

your author

December 21, 2008

silent weekend

So i know its been a bit quiet for a couple of days. Some work stress finally snuck up on me when I noticed that I had been feeling almost no stress for the last month. Sadly, that realization made me worry that I hadn't been worrying enough, thus the stress. I actually woke up from sleep thinking, "what about work?!" last night. it is a sickness, I agree, but I'm still going in to work at 6am tomorrow to ensure that I do what needs to be done.

My weekend was all right, and I will share a secret with you. If you know my sister, don't tell her (and I know you aren't my sister because she doesn't read my blog). In honor of that 'economy thing' going on right now, I made a christmas gift for my sister. you won't be able to guess so I'll just tell you. I made a mosiac tea tray. But not just any mosiac tea tray.. this one is decorated with a scene from Star Wars: Battlefront. oh yeah! In honor of my sister and I's combined love of tea and killing rebel scum.

It was pretty economical. The tea tray was $10 from Target and the tiles were about 20 cents each (for a total of $3 maybe). I used left-over thin-set adhesive and grout from our recent bathroom renovation. The only expensive part was the $30 in tile cutting tools and my time. So I haven't grouted it yet, but here is a picture for those of you who probably never see it in real life. I took this photo with the iSight built into my macbook so just pretend its about three times more awesome looking than seen below:

Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2008

yeah, baby yeah

This year, I'd like to thank the following services for making my life a little bit better:

1) Netflix: how I have written untold numbers of praises to your glorious selection of bad movies.
2) http://icanhascheezburger.com/: Many times I have experienced serious rotfl because of you!
3) the youtubes: For showing me the passions of other people, especially when they are things like this.

December 27, 2008


I know updates have been scarce but I'm sure we can all appreciate the holiday slowdown. I, for example, have been spending my holiday week in the south. and its been full of excitement.

I've totally been visiting the local 'Ross: dress for less' for sales and showing the loml what exactly a 'Sonic' is (you know, the drive-in fast food place?). anyway, about 2 servings of cheesy jalapenos later, and I'm feeling a little more insulated against the cold.

the second highlight of my day was going to the movies with the loml. and our choice today was 'the day the earth stood still' which completely underwhelmed me. And it was definitely not Keanu Reeves fault. As happens every once in awhile, his rather stoic unassuming self completely worked for his given role (this and 'Bill and Ted's excellent adventure - duude!). I'm afraid that this time, we've got to blame a director or a producer or something. Because Keanu did his job; Jennifer Connelly did her job; even Jaden Smith did his small job. and yet, the movie still failed to make the grade.

Perhaps it was the annoying "I told you so" environmentalist theme? Or maybe the most boring cinematography of any potential-world destruction movie ever?

who knows and who cares. that's how much this movie fails.

all I could think when I came out of the theatre was that, if anyone wanted to see a potential end of the world as we know it movie with Keanu Reeves, then they should watch Constantine. It was much much better, all around. and it had Tilda Swinton to boot.

December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Congratulations every one of us (for making it out of this year alive)!

if you didn't, then you have my condolences.

the loml was fantastic enough to secure a Wii Fit for me, which I've been playing the heck out of. More news later!

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