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a slice of life

As I was performing my morning ablutions, it occurred to me that there was a small piece of bathroom politics that many of you may not be aware of. And when I say 'you', I mean 'men'. So consider this my goodwill PSA:

Often, when people cohabitate, they shop at Costco, or BJs, or Sam's club, because it appears to be cheaper (I'm going to spare you the lessons I've learned from buying a 5 lbs bag of Runts, but if you haven't tried it, its kind of fun). But there are definitely somethings that the loml and I almost-always-only buy in bulk:

pasta sauce
toilet paper
paper towels

Yep - toothbrushes. Which leads to an interesting dilemma. Since we both use the same type of toothbrush, how do we know whose is whose (some of us killed brain cells during our frat days, so this is not an unreasonable question). Well, I always try to pick a brush that's somehow "special" to me. Which basically means I try to snag a color that means "Girl". But in the multi-pack, this isn't easy. Especially when some one else in the house isn't getting with the program. Right now, the loml is using a blue toothbrush. Mine is black (the only other not-blue one left in the pack)!

Before this, his was blue and mine was green. And I came in one morning to find a wet toothbrush in the stand.
"Did you use my toothbrush?"
"uhmmm.. I couldn't remember which one was mine..."

I even had a conversation with my sister about it once, and she commented that her colors went like this:
His: Green Hers: Blue
His: Light Blue Hers: Dark Blue
His: Red Hers: Green


No one seems to make little name holders for your toothbrush, so at this rate I'm either going to hijack some of those wine glass charms or start going to town with a Sharpie.

So there you have it. Small thoughts from a Sunday morning typist.


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