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all alone is all we are

i think I worked an 11 hour day today, but I'm not quite sure. Mainly because I can't recall what time I got in to work, and the thinking got progressively worse as the day went on (I don't do so well on less than 8 hours of sleep).

so our topic today is brought to you by fuzzy thinking: Personal integrity

These days most of us are looking for a guarantee. Please, let me buy this thing and have it not break, and if it does break that someone else will fix it. I know Best Buy is always pushing those ridiculously priced extended warranties and I'm not even going to comment on Apple-care. Suffice to say, I think that one of the few things that is guaranteed in life is that shit will happen (this is a horrible surprise to most of us, i know).

but on the upside, the other part is this: shit will happen to YOU! (yes, you! right there reading this, you!) Hahahahaha - so this is one of those glass half full or empty things. We can either empty our glasses in an effort to ignore this fact or we can toast our glasses and realize this is a great time to be honest with ourselves. Cause in the end, the only person you are always going to have is you.. so it would be good if you were awesome, right?

Now I admit, I've been thinking New Year's resolution thoughts already about how I need to go to the gym every day so I can have a great foundation for life, but... I think what is more realistic is to work on ourselves, because with a bad attitude nothing is easy. So, like Suze Orman says, live honestly. Don't spend for a lifestyle you don't have, because that is lying. and to take that a step further, don't act like a person you aren't, because that's expensive. and when you stop lying to others, you'll stop lying to yourself. which is good, because damned if we aren't our own tech support in this life.


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