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I know updates have been scarce but I'm sure we can all appreciate the holiday slowdown. I, for example, have been spending my holiday week in the south. and its been full of excitement.

I've totally been visiting the local 'Ross: dress for less' for sales and showing the loml what exactly a 'Sonic' is (you know, the drive-in fast food place?). anyway, about 2 servings of cheesy jalapenos later, and I'm feeling a little more insulated against the cold.

the second highlight of my day was going to the movies with the loml. and our choice today was 'the day the earth stood still' which completely underwhelmed me. And it was definitely not Keanu Reeves fault. As happens every once in awhile, his rather stoic unassuming self completely worked for his given role (this and 'Bill and Ted's excellent adventure - duude!). I'm afraid that this time, we've got to blame a director or a producer or something. Because Keanu did his job; Jennifer Connelly did her job; even Jaden Smith did his small job. and yet, the movie still failed to make the grade.

Perhaps it was the annoying "I told you so" environmentalist theme? Or maybe the most boring cinematography of any potential-world destruction movie ever?

who knows and who cares. that's how much this movie fails.

all I could think when I came out of the theatre was that, if anyone wanted to see a potential end of the world as we know it movie with Keanu Reeves, then they should watch Constantine. It was much much better, all around. and it had Tilda Swinton to boot.


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