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embracing fashion

if you know me, then you know I am not exactly fashion forward. My style is wrinkled, preferably fitted (that way maybe some of the wrinkles will fall out, you know?) but years of watching project runway, what not to wear, and tim gunn have finally cracked me. So today I can't help myself, here are some fashion tips that I almost came up with by myself.

1) the X-Trend: The bandage dress has been over for a couple of months. If you are gonna break one out for new year's, stop now. I know they look awesome on the stars, but you aren't gonna become one this way. So resist the urge, DO NOT buy this knock-off from BCBG or Forever 21 or wherever it is this one shows up. and as always, never buy clothes from Target.

2) TREND NOW: Skinny jeans are IN. Yes yes yes! And for winter, you can even wear boots OVER them. yay - skinny legs (even if you are representative of the average american)! unless you wear those god awful fuzzy suede boots which mean that you are channeling a giggly 15 year old. FASHION FAIL! So what does this mean for your wardrobe? mainly that those flared jeans you own are not as awesome as they were last month. (but please remember, muffin tops are never attractive.)

3) TREND FORECAST: Metallic eye shadow is it! Right Now is the time. Yes, I swear to god. Right now. That is my fashion scoop so take it seriously.

well, that's it for now. I swear not to do this again until project runway hits the air again.


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