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is that Guf empty?

It snowed in Louisiana today! (texas too but I find the Louisiana part to be more amazing). I swear, I spend years there without seeing a lick of snow and then what happens? I suppose I should thank global warming for this or something.

So what amazing-ness happened today? not much, unless you count my realization that work is stressful.

Actually, I did notice one other thing. There are people in my office that are younger than me. At first it was just one guy.. and I was like "ok - well, he's real smart and I can see how he got here". but then, another person popped up and I have to face the fact that I'm kind of old. (yes, yes, i know - why did I think this was something to talk about besides the fact that I don't feel particularly mature).. is that how it works? We all think we are normal until someone else does something, and you think "damn, I'm old/young/too tired to deal with this crap".

hmm.. well, in unrelated news, the loml and I have been watching two new shows on the Sci-Fi channel: 'Estate of Panic' and 'Cha$e'.

Estate of Panic is fantastic. It shows people in the closest to a horror movie type scenario that I've ever seen, which is basically putting them in terrible circumstances, trapping them there with their own greed, and then placing huge amounts of pressure (literally and otherwise) on them. I definitely recommend.

Cha$e is a little different. It tries to be serious but the contestants are so ridiculous that its crazy entertaining. The producers try to tell you that Cha$e is a real-life video game simulation. I will tell you that Cha$e is the funniest game of tag that you will ever see on tv. So try putting this on your DVR and see if you think its as funny as I do.


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