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news of the weird

So I'm in a pretty good mood, owing to tonight's yoga class (of course not possible without an amazing yoga instructor Pat Pao). I feel great.

So this Christmas, my sister and I cheated it a bit and swapped a couple of presents early. She got me a new hairdryer and I gave her a Chipotle gift card. I almost feel like this is one of those stories your grandparents tell you where they wake up Christmas morning and find their stockings filled with oranges (and we were grateful for them!). Except for me, its like I'm saying, "this christmas, I got a new hairbrush and hairdryer. And they were awesome!". (i know there are some pricey hairdryers out there, but this isn't one of them).

The hairdryer I used to have was an old Vidal Sassoon model that was at least 15 years old. It had three options: super-blast, not-so-super blast, and OFF. And it wasn't until I tried someone else's hairdryer while traveling for thanksgiving that i realized, my hair doesn't have to look like bride of frankenstein. So I asked my sister for a new hairdryer and we went to target to see what had changed in the last decade or so.

hrmmph.. that's about all I can say. Evidently, Tourmaline hairdryers are what's up. Allegedly, ground tourmaline (some sort of stone) produces the best infrared rays and ions for drying your hair. Ions? To dry your Hair?? (I'm not even going to touch on that Infrared bit). Sooo, it also seems that using Ions to dry your hair has become a big hit as well..

well, thank god I was with my sister (who doesn't put up with shit lightly). We quickly identified last year's hot model which was selling for an economical twenty bucks and got that one (I liked it cause its purple and came with attachments - which oddly enough, makes it just like my vacuum cleaner, but I digress).

I just tried it out and it works great! Turns out last year's model also uses ions, but seems to only have "ceramic" technology. hahahaha - i can't believe I spent 5 years on an engineering degree when I could have just gone to Target and read hair dryer boxes!! I feel so foolish!


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