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silent weekend

So i know its been a bit quiet for a couple of days. Some work stress finally snuck up on me when I noticed that I had been feeling almost no stress for the last month. Sadly, that realization made me worry that I hadn't been worrying enough, thus the stress. I actually woke up from sleep thinking, "what about work?!" last night. it is a sickness, I agree, but I'm still going in to work at 6am tomorrow to ensure that I do what needs to be done.

My weekend was all right, and I will share a secret with you. If you know my sister, don't tell her (and I know you aren't my sister because she doesn't read my blog). In honor of that 'economy thing' going on right now, I made a christmas gift for my sister. you won't be able to guess so I'll just tell you. I made a mosiac tea tray. But not just any mosiac tea tray.. this one is decorated with a scene from Star Wars: Battlefront. oh yeah! In honor of my sister and I's combined love of tea and killing rebel scum.

It was pretty economical. The tea tray was $10 from Target and the tiles were about 20 cents each (for a total of $3 maybe). I used left-over thin-set adhesive and grout from our recent bathroom renovation. The only expensive part was the $30 in tile cutting tools and my time. So I haven't grouted it yet, but here is a picture for those of you who probably never see it in real life. I took this photo with the iSight built into my macbook so just pretend its about three times more awesome looking than seen below:

Happy Holidays!


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