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where's danny kaye?

I've barely noticed the approach of the holiday otherwise known as christkwanzaanukah.. mainly because I've stayed out of the stores and done all my shopping online. Technically, this isn't different from what I did last year except that this year, due to the financiapocolypse I've only visited three websites and bought everything i needed in 10 minutes or less (and definitely spent a whole lot less as well).

I dare say that I've returned to a simpler appreciation of the holiday, almost without realizing it, as I swear I said to the loml not 10 minutes ago, "Hey honey, we can give the neighbors banana bread for christmas!" Lucky for my neighbors, my banana bread (in addition to being tasty) is quite cute. I have a mini-loaf pan. its awesome.

That's not to say that hasn't been a little bit of selfishness mixed in with my down-homey holiday cheer. I did manage to sneak in personal purchases at two of the websites that I bought gifts from. In fact, just today my box from Aveda arrived and I got to try out the completely ridiculously unnecessary new hairbrush that I bought for myself.

The trick with Aveda products is that you absolutely can not trust the reviews on the website. I swear that the customers have brainwashed themselves into believing that everything Aveda makes is filled with magical wonderfull-ness that makes everything better. Its the best marketing that I've ever seen by a company, and I should know. I own a tonne of their products (because they are really good, you know?).

anyway, i didn't need a new hairbrush, but I saw this one on the Aveda website and I wanted it. but of course, the reviews were completely worthless. People were raving about how the brush magically untangled their hair, and how the bristles massaged the scalp, and now their hair was growing out longer than ever because it wasn't breaking like it used to.. for every 20 aveda-phillic reviews, there would be one review saying "its a pretty good hairbrush, but a little pricey".

So what could i do? hahaha - yeah, i know, i know.. i bought it anyway and today it showed up in my house. So I immediately unwrapped my brush and took it for a test drive... and... and.. nothing. It was like a normal brush .. or was it? in fact, it seemed to work a lot like the brush i already owned (shocker there, eh?). and I have no idea if that was a 'good' brush or not since I got it for christmas over 5 years ago from my mother. And its not like I use a lot of other people's brushes so what would I know. hmmphh! ok, so whatever.. i got on with my bad self and did other things.

but then, right before I got ready for bed, I brushed my hair again.. and something strange happened. so I hopped online to tell my friend Christian about it, since he also hearts Aveda. Here is what was said:

christian: ok, so you are saying the handle is ergonomic but the brush itself isn't anything special?

me: i am saying that its apparently a quite normal brush.
i have no idea if its better than average since I've had my old brush for 5 years which worked quite well, and this one seems to be about the same.
so either i now own 2 great brushes or 2 ok brushes?
but, what i am noticing is that if you have a lot of hair the aveda brush is quite fun.
because its like when you are a little girl and you are playing with your 'my little pony'
and you spend hours brushing the hair?
that's what this brush is like. its like you are your own 'my little pony'
i am not quite sure how else to express it.

christian: right on

well now, the only thing left that can make my seasonal joy complete is to catch "white christmas" on tv.


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