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January 1, 2009

don't make resolutions...

have a personal revolution instead! you know how we all keep hearing that your one tiny insignificant vote won't make a difference? well yes it does, when its about you! so after some thought, here are mine:

1) floss after brushing teeth for the evening - in honor of my former dentist, Dr. Kianpour. This one tiny act of oral hygiene has defied me for years, until now. There is no rational reason not to floss, so its my new number one.

2) remove every unimportant material possession from my living space - I do realize that this is a rather drastic change. Just a second ago, i was discussing the merits of moving a small piece of string between my teeth, and now WHAMMO! I am proposing the systematic destruction/donation/whatever-ing of what could be 80% of the stuff I own. but, the beauty of this objective is that its something I've always wanted, it can be broken down into small steps, and its definitely going to have impact.

And after an objective like that, I don't need any more items for my list. So let's forget this crap about losing weight or going to the gym. I already got my plans for next year.

January 3, 2009

he ain't heavy

well my personal revolution is well underway. I have managed to successfully floss once a day all year! yes yes yes!

: )

and I really have to hand it to whoever came up with this whole "babysteps" idea. After I performed my morning clean up, I thought "Maybe I should try to clean up a part of the house." and I've always liked the bathroom; its probably one of the most clutter-free portions of the house already. So I figured I would focus on my drawer in the vanity.

Its not a very big drawer, lucky for me! because i really hard a hard time throwing away some of the "not important" stuff. like old finger nail polish, mis-matched hair clips, eye shadow that I hadn't worn in months... As I write this list, I can't believe I had such a hard time throwing away that trash!

wow. So here I am, one drawer down and I can't even quantify what's left. which is a good time to remember that its about the journey, not the destination.

January 5, 2009

give me twilight, or give me death

or maybe they're about the same thing.. but before I launch into that, my updates first.

1) Flossing is on. My god its easy. Who knew!? (note* This is a rhetorical question).
2) I decluttered my jewelry box. This was also kind of hard since I feel extra guilt over the things that other people gave me. So a lot of it is going to Goodwill and I'll probably have to gift some of it. On the upside, I discovered several pieces of jewelry that I had no idea I owned. For example, I own a matching set of gold covered orchid earrings, necklace, and brooch. The fact that they are eerily creepy, in the Georgia O'Keefe way if you catch my drift, only makes it more surprising to me.

ok - now on to the real badness. My sister and I finally caved into our curiosity and watched Twilight. You know, that movie that makes teeny-girls (and teen-girl grown-ups) squeal like the Gates of Hell. about a vampire hottie, who decides that he wants to eat this girl. but because the author wrote him as a mood-swinging pms-ing woman, he decides not to eat her so that he possessively stalk her for the rest of her life.

and the girl? she thinks that's ok. it must be LOVE!

to be honest, the acting was alright, maybe even pretty good. the ridiculous plot was even ok - because a stupid plot never stops a movie from being enjoyable. but the lines were so incredibly bad that I laughed several times while watching (and the last time i did something like that, was when I watched 'Wild Things' in the theatre).

So here is how I rate it. And to be fair, I've used other movies that I also saw in theatres that didn't necessarily get rated well.

Speed Racer was better. waaay better.
The Covenant was better. just by a little bit.
Spice World was worse. not by much.

personally, i think this movie was about as shitty as The Lion King. And I'm not disney bashing here. I thought Beauty and the Beast was the best ever. But these two movies share alot of the same problems. A plot line that never bothers with real development.

In the lion king, Simba, the little lion cub, screws around in some cutesy manner and then runs away from home. Cue some lame music scenes and then he's magically grown up and decides to return just in time to pick a mate and seize the throne. The End!

In Twilight, Edward decides that he needs to eat Bella, which she figures means that she must love him. The End.

hah. ahahahaha. Stephanie Meyer - you may have suckered me out of the cost of a matinee movie ticket, but no more I tell you! No More! because unlike Bella, I know this money-sucking fascination isn't true love!

January 7, 2009

that old feeling

i have to confess..

during my morning commute, which can take from 15 to 40 minutes depending on traffic, I've been chanting in the car. Usually while listening to some dance/techno remix on XM. When something with a good beat comes on, I start with two or three warm up 'Oms'.. something like:
aaaooomm.... (inhale)
aaaaaooohmmm.. (bigger inhale)
aaaAAAAOOOOHHHMM.. (huge long inhale)

and then after I've gotten that through, i might chant out an oldie but goodie:

om mani padme hum.. om mani padme hum..

and do that awhile. Chanting is good. It brings me in focus and gets me fully breathing and awake.

but this morning, i spent the commute fighting off some insane urge to acquire a book copy of 'twilight' (which I'm gonna start calling twat-like) just so I can see what its like. thankfully, the urge passed once i got to work, but we'll see how that goes.

January 8, 2009

The hoi polloi

I changed jobs last year so I also had to change doctors. Now that's not exactly true. My old provider was Kaiser Permanente. And if you've ever been with the kaiser, then you know that you don't really have a doctor. you sort of get 5% of a bunch of doctors or something.. on the upside, Kaiser is good as long as you're healthy. After that, I don't wanna talk about it.

So today I'm trying to see the new doctor as recommended by the loml. Special points cause the new guy is right across the street from my office. Only 5 minutes to walk there and I got an appointment for 15 minutes after they open. So I set off early and here is where things get in-ter-esting.

So they doctor's office is actually in an apartment building. And when I get in, it looks like at least 5 people showed up ahead of me. Without appointments. And now, an hour later, it looks like this place runs a first in-first out type operation, appointments be damned. At least, this is the opinion shared with me by the shrieking woman next to me. She showed up an hour after her 9:30 appointment time and keeps informing the air (rather loudly) that she better be goin' next, cause she had an appointment!

------ edit ---------

so I reread this entry, which i made from the waiting room of the doctor's office.. and it wasn't too great so I thought I would just add in some points in retrospect.

1. The nurse weighed me on a commercial bathroom scale. I thought this was ok, since its just my weight, and its not like this has to be super accurate, right?

2. According to the sign on the wall, this office charges $20 copay, $10 for typed letters, and $10 for unusual requests. What's an unusual request? According to the sign "Unusual request that is not medical but is unusual." Wow - next time I'll have to ask for something cause that's a deal.

3. So I'm sitting on the table, and the doctor's listening to my heart. After a bit, he takes off the stethoscope and turns to the student who's shadowing him for the week and says "She's got an S3. Come listen to this." and he hands the student the stethoscope. So I'm like "What's that?" and he says "oh, its nothing to worry about." and then he turns back to the student and says, it sounds like this "ba-dum-pah, ba-dum-pah". At which point, I'm really shooting him a look and he goes, "its perfectly fine, your heart just makes a little noise. just some excitement for this morning". So of course I had to google this one.

January 10, 2009

the roof is on fire

Today, as part of my personal revolution against crap, I dumped out the two drawers of my night stand for sorting and purging. The hard thing about the night stand is that I practically never open the drawers. So right there, I know.. I could probably throw all this stuff out and never miss it. But, there is also the other possibility. And that is, surrounded by a bunch of trash is something useful that I never see. Thus the purge.

So I upend the two drawers and I'm a little ticked by some of the stuff I find. An old cell phone, some stickers, a deck of cards featuring "strong sexy studs" (who knew I was so risque?), and at the bottom of it all was my high school diploma.

This was a real dilemma. It's still very fancy looking in its official pleather portfolio, and stuck inside are two diplomas, a presidential award for being some kind of scholar, and all other nice looking things.. like two copies of my school song. but its definitely trash. If it accidentally caught on fire, I would be ok. Those pieces of paper aren't me and they aren't my life. but yet, its still kind of hard to put it in the garbage.

I presented the issue to the loml, and he gave me his standard response, "let me handle it". which is code for, I can put that in the garbage no problem. And since i do know him pretty well, must mean that is what i want to do. so good-bye diploma!

ok - its been like 10 minutes.. i still haven't managed to put it in the dustbin. urghhh..

January 11, 2009

chicks, man...

i was hanging out in the bookstore today while waiting for an oil change. Green is HUGE right now, I can tell by the entire section that's been devoted to green living ( the green pocketbook, the green bible, 365 tips to living green, etc..). And then, I found the chicken section.

I had read about this in the local paper. Evidently, its becoming really 'popular' amongst people with backyards to start raising chickens. Not only do you get good tasting eggs and meat, but they're also supposed to be really entertaining. Now, I don't know anyone who does this, but the fact that there were multiple books (published recently) means that people are shelling out money in this area. So I picked up one and started to read. ooo-boy, did I learn something.

It turns out that in certain situations, chickens will go cannibalistic. Now I already knew that chicken manufacturers are all too happy to feed their chicken pieces of other chickens, but this is more serious. If a chicken gets injured, other chickens will just peck it to death and cannibalize away. But before we are start getting scared, it does take a certain environment to drive a chicken cannibal.

if the chickens are over-crowded or their diets are missing necessary nutrients or they get bored, then they can go cannibalistic. bored! BORED CHICKENS KILL OTHER CHICKENS!!!

hmmm... I really want to make some social commentary here..

January 17, 2009

the big cheese

Its been a busy week, filled with little nothings and somethings.

  • the loml and I say a good movie: Slumdog Millionaire. I totally recommend watching it. I totally DO NOT recommend reading any of the reviews. They will ruin the movie for you with their insipid fannish-ness.

  • New Year's Revolution: well, the flossing is going amazingly well. I've only skipped twice so far this year, because I was sick and flossing wasn't really going to happen. On the downside, I've accidentally mentholated my eyeball twice now. I use the mint floss and then I tried to rub my eye afterwards.. I think you can understand how that works.. My other project "getting rid of unimportant crap, hit a small snag when it came to my high school diploma. A small thank you to my friends fratching and howie for weighing in on this topic. I finally compromised and threw away the pleather binder, class song, ceremony program, etc.. I just kept my actual diploma and put the paper in my folder of "life stuff".

well that's it for me today!

January 20, 2009

hope, not fear

hopefully we all watched that inauguration together today, because it was fantastic. I loved Obama's speech. Of all the things that he said, there was one piece that stuck out for me.. and that was the part where he said that we (america) had to grow up. because we are in for a lot of hard work.

and if you didn't catch the speech, I hope its because you were working hard already.

on a side note: i actually enjoyed the benediction, particularly the ending which is already giving people fits all over the internet. I will paste a copy of that here now:
(now, i could be wrong, but I think the moral of this story is that we need a sense of humor)

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around -- (laughter) -- when yellow will be mellow -- (laughter) -- when the red man can get ahead, man -- (laughter) -- and when white will embrace what is right.
Let all those who do justice and love mercy say amen

January 24, 2009

the last cat standing

The loml and I just watched 'I ♥ huckabees' which my brother-in-law loaned to me about two years ago. We were actually looking for 'the big lebowski' (which it turns out we don't own) and watched this instead.

I don't think i can recommend this movie to you at all, if you have little tolerance for bad movies. Not because its bad, but because I'm not sure its a proper movie. If you watch it, you'll know what I mean.

What I really want to see is "My Bloody Valentine (3D)" . Not only does it look like a slasher horror movie but its in 3D!!! The fact that Jensen Ackles is in it, is the cherry on the sundae! now if I can just convince the loml to watch it with me.

Not only do the previews promise Sex, Violence, and Death, but the critics also make it out to be not so great. I can't wait to watch this one!

January 25, 2009


As I may have mentioned, I recently changed health care providers. This meant that I left behind Kaiser and got a single doctor to look at me. Or as Dr Uy likes to say, "Now, you are in the real world."

And apparently, in the real world, I have osteoporosis. Which is crazy since I'm only 31 and am rather healthy... aside from having the bones of a 60 year old. This has changed my life in some rather odd ways.. Furinstance:

- I now eat Luna bars for breakfast. I'm not sure I would call them energy bars, though they are made by the same company who does Clif bars. But they do contain 35% of my recommended calcium intake and their flavor philosophy seems to have been founded by the people who do Lucky Charms. This morning I ate Chocolate Peppermint! Last week I was eating Caramel Nut Brownie! and now I see on their webpage that they offer Dulce de Leche! Woohoo! being a healthy woman is sooo decadent!

- I now patronize Starbucks. Which is odd because I used to snicker at all those people who spent their ducats every day, multiple times a days at these places. but now, its me ordering a Vanilla Rooibos Latte, medium please. "Grande, ma'am?" right.. Gran-de, thanks. So here, I get 30% of my recommended calcium and I do it this way cause I DON'T LIKE the taste of milk. so there.

- The loml thoughtfully got me some Dr.Weil Vitamin D supplements which help calcium absorption in the body. They came in this really cute little glass bottle that I keep in my purse. And I have to give Dr.Weil points on this one, they are really easy to swallow, unlike my next item...

-One-a-day-supplements-of-nastiness- Why is it that these things smell and taste so frickin awful? I'm not even sure my body really uses all the sheer 'magicfullness' of these horse pills. but if they do, I'm getting 20% of my calcium for the day.

so we'll see how it goes, cause I already work out regularly and that didn't seem to help worth a damn.

January 27, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole Day

I thought I'd participate in this year's Down the Rabbit Hole day, so here's mine:

Today my car skidded past the entrance to my office. A full ten yards of ABS-shuddering scraping lack-of-brakeage, had me re-considering the morning's decision to leave the house while it was snowing.

I spent an eternity of my morning walking my co-worker's five-year old around the building, making sure he didn't push the emergency stop button in the elevator. "Its the doorbell!"

A late lunch let me linger over tea, which lead to a trip to Starbucks. Later at the office, I was actually productive. but then I left, to avoid the temperature drop that would turn the snows-slush into ice.

January 28, 2009

junk food

Recently I've been trying to reduce my dependency on the internet for entertainment. I'd be a fool to give it up as an information resource but when it comes to slacking off - the web is a sucker's paradise.

For instance, last night I was totally slacking off with the internet and this is what I learned about:
Gary Oak,pokemon master. That link is NSFW and in extremely bad taste (you have been warned). Now, I have actually watched some pokemon (note* I can not recall why i watched it but I know I have) and I thought this was hilarious. However, I seriously doubt you will find any redeeming value in it.

Now tonight I am slacking off by reading the most recent mail-out of "Communications of the ACM". That's the Association for Computing Machinery of which I am a member. I know what you're thinking. Yes! I Do!

You're thinking "Ridiculous children's cartoons AND nerd-tastic professional associations?? You have no life! You probably don't even have husband! This whole blog where you say you interact with other humans is some kind of fantasy!"

heh - I swear. i am a "hot chick".

ok but back to the point. While reading my geek-magazine, I got to learn all about the Ariane 5 Flight 501 disaster (an excellent cautionary tale about the hazards of porting complex computing systems).

so what's the moral? I'm not sure, but I feel like I've just outed myself.

January 29, 2009


Apparently, I went a little too gung-ho on my new health regimen, because I started to OD on the vitamins. And for once, i really wish i was just kidding but no. I'm not.

Evidently its possible to OD on vitamins, especially the fat soluble ones. And apparently somewhere in my luna-bar eating, andrew weil pill taking, starbuck swilling, Actonel-perscription, Women's One-a-Day, vitamin drink supplementing lifestyle.. I seem to have done it. and looking at that list, I suppose I should have been smarter about things.

how did I know I OD'd? pain in my lower-back/kidneys. It only happened on day's when I took the women's one a day vitamins, so I cut back on those on days when I was taking other supplements. But now, for about 3 days, I've had this pain in my right lower-back/kidney area.

According to most of what I've read though, it could just be a back muscle strain or something (something being a kidney stone - oh please no). So I've applied a heating pad and we'll see what's up.

January 30, 2009

setting sail

I think we all occasionally go through a crisis where we wonder if our work
is meaningful, in any sense.

I worked my way through this last year, when I attempted to get hired by the
National Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, and a number of non-profits. All
of whom decided not to hire me for reasons that I don't wish to waste my
time speculating on.

Now, when I start to feel like the Dilbert-ness of my office is about to
overwhelm me, I start playing music. Like the theme soundtrack to 'The Da
Vinci Code' or key portions of 'Die Walkure' by Wagner. When that music
plays, I can just pretend for a short, oh-so-short moment, that I'm working
with professionals who actually accomplish meaningful things in an efficient
and effective manner. Yes, I know. I'm getting pompous or something.

So let's level set with a short story about my morning. This morning, I did
not care a whit about getting to work. I got out of bed late. I took a
leisurely shower. I even styled my hair while changing outfits about four
times (or as the loml says, "baby, you're not wearing what you're
wearing!"). I didn't care that I had missed the HOV window for my commute.
At least, I didn't care until I realized that there was a possibility that I
would get to work AFTER my boss, which is a no-no in any reality.

So I was making my way to work when I drove past a person waiting at a bus
stop. And the reason I noticed was because that person really looked like
my boss, which was pretty funny until I realized that it WAS indeed my boss.
ERK! I spent a couple of tense moments wondering if he had seen me, until I
realized that all of this was small stuff. I should probably go back and
see if he needed a ride to work. So I turned around at the next opportunity
and made my way back, only to see that the bus had beat me.

Oh god. Now I had to beat that bus. And in this little drama, the tension
was caused by my ridiculousness and the fact that this was a small two-lane
30mph road. But with some small maneuvering, I managed to overtake the city
bus (hah!) and get into work. As I dashed out of the parking garage, I saw
the city bus passing the building. The nearest bus stop was at the top of
the hill, which meant that my boss was about two minutes from walking in.

So, what happened? Of course, I beat him in. Even if I had to dash up
three flights of stairs to do it.

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