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chicks, man...

i was hanging out in the bookstore today while waiting for an oil change. Green is HUGE right now, I can tell by the entire section that's been devoted to green living ( the green pocketbook, the green bible, 365 tips to living green, etc..). And then, I found the chicken section.

I had read about this in the local paper. Evidently, its becoming really 'popular' amongst people with backyards to start raising chickens. Not only do you get good tasting eggs and meat, but they're also supposed to be really entertaining. Now, I don't know anyone who does this, but the fact that there were multiple books (published recently) means that people are shelling out money in this area. So I picked up one and started to read. ooo-boy, did I learn something.

It turns out that in certain situations, chickens will go cannibalistic. Now I already knew that chicken manufacturers are all too happy to feed their chicken pieces of other chickens, but this is more serious. If a chicken gets injured, other chickens will just peck it to death and cannibalize away. But before we are start getting scared, it does take a certain environment to drive a chicken cannibal.

if the chickens are over-crowded or their diets are missing necessary nutrients or they get bored, then they can go cannibalistic. bored! BORED CHICKENS KILL OTHER CHICKENS!!!

hmmm... I really want to make some social commentary here..


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