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give me twilight, or give me death

or maybe they're about the same thing.. but before I launch into that, my updates first.

1) Flossing is on. My god its easy. Who knew!? (note* This is a rhetorical question).
2) I decluttered my jewelry box. This was also kind of hard since I feel extra guilt over the things that other people gave me. So a lot of it is going to Goodwill and I'll probably have to gift some of it. On the upside, I discovered several pieces of jewelry that I had no idea I owned. For example, I own a matching set of gold covered orchid earrings, necklace, and brooch. The fact that they are eerily creepy, in the Georgia O'Keefe way if you catch my drift, only makes it more surprising to me.

ok - now on to the real badness. My sister and I finally caved into our curiosity and watched Twilight. You know, that movie that makes teeny-girls (and teen-girl grown-ups) squeal like the Gates of Hell. about a vampire hottie, who decides that he wants to eat this girl. but because the author wrote him as a mood-swinging pms-ing woman, he decides not to eat her so that he possessively stalk her for the rest of her life.

and the girl? she thinks that's ok. it must be LOVE!

to be honest, the acting was alright, maybe even pretty good. the ridiculous plot was even ok - because a stupid plot never stops a movie from being enjoyable. but the lines were so incredibly bad that I laughed several times while watching (and the last time i did something like that, was when I watched 'Wild Things' in the theatre).

So here is how I rate it. And to be fair, I've used other movies that I also saw in theatres that didn't necessarily get rated well.

Speed Racer was better. waaay better.
The Covenant was better. just by a little bit.
Spice World was worse. not by much.

personally, i think this movie was about as shitty as The Lion King. And I'm not disney bashing here. I thought Beauty and the Beast was the best ever. But these two movies share alot of the same problems. A plot line that never bothers with real development.

In the lion king, Simba, the little lion cub, screws around in some cutesy manner and then runs away from home. Cue some lame music scenes and then he's magically grown up and decides to return just in time to pick a mate and seize the throne. The End!

In Twilight, Edward decides that he needs to eat Bella, which she figures means that she must love him. The End.

hah. ahahahaha. Stephanie Meyer - you may have suckered me out of the cost of a matinee movie ticket, but no more I tell you! No More! because unlike Bella, I know this money-sucking fascination isn't true love!


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