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junk food

Recently I've been trying to reduce my dependency on the internet for entertainment. I'd be a fool to give it up as an information resource but when it comes to slacking off - the web is a sucker's paradise.

For instance, last night I was totally slacking off with the internet and this is what I learned about:
Gary Oak,pokemon master. That link is NSFW and in extremely bad taste (you have been warned). Now, I have actually watched some pokemon (note* I can not recall why i watched it but I know I have) and I thought this was hilarious. However, I seriously doubt you will find any redeeming value in it.

Now tonight I am slacking off by reading the most recent mail-out of "Communications of the ACM". That's the Association for Computing Machinery of which I am a member. I know what you're thinking. Yes! I Do!

You're thinking "Ridiculous children's cartoons AND nerd-tastic professional associations?? You have no life! You probably don't even have husband! This whole blog where you say you interact with other humans is some kind of fantasy!"

heh - I swear. i am a "hot chick".

ok but back to the point. While reading my geek-magazine, I got to learn all about the Ariane 5 Flight 501 disaster (an excellent cautionary tale about the hazards of porting complex computing systems).

so what's the moral? I'm not sure, but I feel like I've just outed myself.


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