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As I may have mentioned, I recently changed health care providers. This meant that I left behind Kaiser and got a single doctor to look at me. Or as Dr Uy likes to say, "Now, you are in the real world."

And apparently, in the real world, I have osteoporosis. Which is crazy since I'm only 31 and am rather healthy... aside from having the bones of a 60 year old. This has changed my life in some rather odd ways.. Furinstance:

- I now eat Luna bars for breakfast. I'm not sure I would call them energy bars, though they are made by the same company who does Clif bars. But they do contain 35% of my recommended calcium intake and their flavor philosophy seems to have been founded by the people who do Lucky Charms. This morning I ate Chocolate Peppermint! Last week I was eating Caramel Nut Brownie! and now I see on their webpage that they offer Dulce de Leche! Woohoo! being a healthy woman is sooo decadent!

- I now patronize Starbucks. Which is odd because I used to snicker at all those people who spent their ducats every day, multiple times a days at these places. but now, its me ordering a Vanilla Rooibos Latte, medium please. "Grande, ma'am?" right.. Gran-de, thanks. So here, I get 30% of my recommended calcium and I do it this way cause I DON'T LIKE the taste of milk. so there.

- The loml thoughtfully got me some Dr.Weil Vitamin D supplements which help calcium absorption in the body. They came in this really cute little glass bottle that I keep in my purse. And I have to give Dr.Weil points on this one, they are really easy to swallow, unlike my next item...

-One-a-day-supplements-of-nastiness- Why is it that these things smell and taste so frickin awful? I'm not even sure my body really uses all the sheer 'magicfullness' of these horse pills. but if they do, I'm getting 20% of my calcium for the day.

so we'll see how it goes, cause I already work out regularly and that didn't seem to help worth a damn.


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