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setting sail

I think we all occasionally go through a crisis where we wonder if our work
is meaningful, in any sense.

I worked my way through this last year, when I attempted to get hired by the
National Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, and a number of non-profits. All
of whom decided not to hire me for reasons that I don't wish to waste my
time speculating on.

Now, when I start to feel like the Dilbert-ness of my office is about to
overwhelm me, I start playing music. Like the theme soundtrack to 'The Da
Vinci Code' or key portions of 'Die Walkure' by Wagner. When that music
plays, I can just pretend for a short, oh-so-short moment, that I'm working
with professionals who actually accomplish meaningful things in an efficient
and effective manner. Yes, I know. I'm getting pompous or something.

So let's level set with a short story about my morning. This morning, I did
not care a whit about getting to work. I got out of bed late. I took a
leisurely shower. I even styled my hair while changing outfits about four
times (or as the loml says, "baby, you're not wearing what you're
wearing!"). I didn't care that I had missed the HOV window for my commute.
At least, I didn't care until I realized that there was a possibility that I
would get to work AFTER my boss, which is a no-no in any reality.

So I was making my way to work when I drove past a person waiting at a bus
stop. And the reason I noticed was because that person really looked like
my boss, which was pretty funny until I realized that it WAS indeed my boss.
ERK! I spent a couple of tense moments wondering if he had seen me, until I
realized that all of this was small stuff. I should probably go back and
see if he needed a ride to work. So I turned around at the next opportunity
and made my way back, only to see that the bus had beat me.

Oh god. Now I had to beat that bus. And in this little drama, the tension
was caused by my ridiculousness and the fact that this was a small two-lane
30mph road. But with some small maneuvering, I managed to overtake the city
bus (hah!) and get into work. As I dashed out of the parking garage, I saw
the city bus passing the building. The nearest bus stop was at the top of
the hill, which meant that my boss was about two minutes from walking in.

So, what happened? Of course, I beat him in. Even if I had to dash up
three flights of stairs to do it.


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