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Apparently, I went a little too gung-ho on my new health regimen, because I started to OD on the vitamins. And for once, i really wish i was just kidding but no. I'm not.

Evidently its possible to OD on vitamins, especially the fat soluble ones. And apparently somewhere in my luna-bar eating, andrew weil pill taking, starbuck swilling, Actonel-perscription, Women's One-a-Day, vitamin drink supplementing lifestyle.. I seem to have done it. and looking at that list, I suppose I should have been smarter about things.

how did I know I OD'd? pain in my lower-back/kidneys. It only happened on day's when I took the women's one a day vitamins, so I cut back on those on days when I was taking other supplements. But now, for about 3 days, I've had this pain in my right lower-back/kidney area.

According to most of what I've read though, it could just be a back muscle strain or something (something being a kidney stone - oh please no). So I've applied a heating pad and we'll see what's up.


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