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the big cheese

Its been a busy week, filled with little nothings and somethings.

  • the loml and I say a good movie: Slumdog Millionaire. I totally recommend watching it. I totally DO NOT recommend reading any of the reviews. They will ruin the movie for you with their insipid fannish-ness.

  • New Year's Revolution: well, the flossing is going amazingly well. I've only skipped twice so far this year, because I was sick and flossing wasn't really going to happen. On the downside, I've accidentally mentholated my eyeball twice now. I use the mint floss and then I tried to rub my eye afterwards.. I think you can understand how that works.. My other project "getting rid of unimportant crap, hit a small snag when it came to my high school diploma. A small thank you to my friends fratching and howie for weighing in on this topic. I finally compromised and threw away the pleather binder, class song, ceremony program, etc.. I just kept my actual diploma and put the paper in my folder of "life stuff".

well that's it for me today!


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