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The hoi polloi

I changed jobs last year so I also had to change doctors. Now that's not exactly true. My old provider was Kaiser Permanente. And if you've ever been with the kaiser, then you know that you don't really have a doctor. you sort of get 5% of a bunch of doctors or something.. on the upside, Kaiser is good as long as you're healthy. After that, I don't wanna talk about it.

So today I'm trying to see the new doctor as recommended by the loml. Special points cause the new guy is right across the street from my office. Only 5 minutes to walk there and I got an appointment for 15 minutes after they open. So I set off early and here is where things get in-ter-esting.

So they doctor's office is actually in an apartment building. And when I get in, it looks like at least 5 people showed up ahead of me. Without appointments. And now, an hour later, it looks like this place runs a first in-first out type operation, appointments be damned. At least, this is the opinion shared with me by the shrieking woman next to me. She showed up an hour after her 9:30 appointment time and keeps informing the air (rather loudly) that she better be goin' next, cause she had an appointment!

------ edit ---------

so I reread this entry, which i made from the waiting room of the doctor's office.. and it wasn't too great so I thought I would just add in some points in retrospect.

1. The nurse weighed me on a commercial bathroom scale. I thought this was ok, since its just my weight, and its not like this has to be super accurate, right?

2. According to the sign on the wall, this office charges $20 copay, $10 for typed letters, and $10 for unusual requests. What's an unusual request? According to the sign "Unusual request that is not medical but is unusual." Wow - next time I'll have to ask for something cause that's a deal.

3. So I'm sitting on the table, and the doctor's listening to my heart. After a bit, he takes off the stethoscope and turns to the student who's shadowing him for the week and says "She's got an S3. Come listen to this." and he hands the student the stethoscope. So I'm like "What's that?" and he says "oh, its nothing to worry about." and then he turns back to the student and says, it sounds like this "ba-dum-pah, ba-dum-pah". At which point, I'm really shooting him a look and he goes, "its perfectly fine, your heart just makes a little noise. just some excitement for this morning". So of course I had to google this one.


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