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the last cat standing

The loml and I just watched 'I ♥ huckabees' which my brother-in-law loaned to me about two years ago. We were actually looking for 'the big lebowski' (which it turns out we don't own) and watched this instead.

I don't think i can recommend this movie to you at all, if you have little tolerance for bad movies. Not because its bad, but because I'm not sure its a proper movie. If you watch it, you'll know what I mean.

What I really want to see is "My Bloody Valentine (3D)" . Not only does it look like a slasher horror movie but its in 3D!!! The fact that Jensen Ackles is in it, is the cherry on the sundae! now if I can just convince the loml to watch it with me.

Not only do the previews promise Sex, Violence, and Death, but the critics also make it out to be not so great. I can't wait to watch this one!


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