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the roof is on fire

Today, as part of my personal revolution against crap, I dumped out the two drawers of my night stand for sorting and purging. The hard thing about the night stand is that I practically never open the drawers. So right there, I know.. I could probably throw all this stuff out and never miss it. But, there is also the other possibility. And that is, surrounded by a bunch of trash is something useful that I never see. Thus the purge.

So I upend the two drawers and I'm a little ticked by some of the stuff I find. An old cell phone, some stickers, a deck of cards featuring "strong sexy studs" (who knew I was so risque?), and at the bottom of it all was my high school diploma.

This was a real dilemma. It's still very fancy looking in its official pleather portfolio, and stuck inside are two diplomas, a presidential award for being some kind of scholar, and all other nice looking things.. like two copies of my school song. but its definitely trash. If it accidentally caught on fire, I would be ok. Those pieces of paper aren't me and they aren't my life. but yet, its still kind of hard to put it in the garbage.

I presented the issue to the loml, and he gave me his standard response, "let me handle it". which is code for, I can put that in the garbage no problem. And since i do know him pretty well, must mean that is what i want to do. so good-bye diploma!

ok - its been like 10 minutes.. i still haven't managed to put it in the dustbin. urghhh..


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