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if we all had a duck...

First of all, here is a great story about a man and his duck.

So I've been trying to read more books instead of reading the internet. I'm not sure if the internet has ruined me though, because I have a hard time finding a book I want to read these days. On the internet, its all so instant, instant anything I want. but when I pick up a book, its different and I'm locked in to three hundred pages of what the author wants to write about. So the loml picked me up a Clive Cussler book ('Serpent') from the free book rack, I assume because he knows I've read Clive Cussler in the past.

And all I can say is this: Clive Cussler writes Romance Novels for Men. I don't intend to mock too harshly here, because I read romance novels and I know that just because I read them, doesn't mean that they indicate my actual beliefs about nature of reality. That being said, here is what I have learned from Clive Cussler:

1) As a man, if you aren't at least 6 feet tall, then you are the sidekick.
2) Sidekick or not, you are muscular with sleek hair and piercing eyes (any color).
3) All the featured women are practically 6 foot tall as well.
4) And while the women are never too skinny, they aren't rounded either, but just muscularly slender.
5) A Clive Cussler woman is incredibly smart with advanced degrees in some area that only enhances their elite field work. (a.k.a. She is a female indiana jones)
6) However, no matter how smart, resourceful, or anything the Clive Cussler woman is, she will always need help from the 6-ft-tall-Man because she's going to do something stupid to get in trouble. At least twice.
7) The book will be packed with historical tidbits and technical-ish details to complete the disguise that that this is adventure! NOT a man-romance novel.

So there you have it. Women's romance novels say that women want Fabio. Men's romance novels say that men want Milla Jovovich from the 5th Element.


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