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like a needle pulling thread

Sometimes we blog in the wee hours, and that's how we get things like yesterday's essay.

but the good news is, i don't have another one left in me. Instead, I'd like to address the topic of comic book movie adaptations. We seem to be in a resurgence of these, ever since The Dark Knight showed us that dirty, gritty, almost real, superheroes are what we like (and I think this is where we start getting into what science fiction is really about, but that's a topic for another day).

So let's cut to the chase. I'm talking about the upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li movie (seriously, who wants to talk about The Watchmen movie, when I could talk about this!). The only other Street Fighter movie I watched was the one with Raul Julia and Jean Claude Van Damme. The person playing Chun-Li in that movie was Ming Na.

Now when it comes to adaptations, I've always felt like movie has a responsibility to re-create the source work (I liked David Lynch's Dune movie better than the amazing Sci-Fi channel remake). And when it comes to comic books, you really have to carry out the visuals right?

This is why I've consistently maintained that the greatest heresy on the planet right now is Jessica Alba playing Susan Storm in the Fantastic Four movies. COME ON!!! Jessica Alba is NOT WHITE (and let's take a moment to be clear: I understand that in the u.s. the definition of 'white' is some weird fairy-tale which is more closely based on the exclusion of genetic code in a person from races other than those that express themselves as white-looking)! But doing things like this just contributes to lack of appreciation for the amazingly beautiful TAN person that she is. And this would be different if she was playing a character piece. Because then, being true to the character would mean that she would just need to be a great actress. But, as we can all agree, Fantastic Four wasn't exactly about that, was it??. So whatever, Susan Storm.

Back to Chun-Li. So the biggest issue with Chun-Li is that she has these huge thighs. Each one is bigger than her head. Now, I didn't really have an issue with Ming-Na playing Chun-Li because she was part of a whole set of characters just doing their best. But this new movie is ALL ABOUT Chun-Li. And the actress playing her is Kristin Kruek, whom you may know as Lana Lang from Smallville.

Kristin Kruek is a beautiful canadian actress of dutch/chinese descent. But when I heard she was in this movie, all I could think was "her thighs aren't nearly big enough for this!" and I resigned myself to yet another shitty comic book adaptation movie to add to my NetFlix (and I'm not particularly thrilled about the new Punisher movie either).

but I just read an interview with her and she does make a good point. There really aren't any Chinese or even sorta chinese woman who really look like Chun-Li. In fact, I'd bet the closest you could get is a professional chinese female body builder. And once you found her, I'm wondering if she could pull off the martial arts sequences.

So for now, I'm gonna hold off on the Kristin Kruek hating and see how it goes.


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