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The Bastille

So a few notes for the day:
One. I feel pretty crappy. I'm on some monthly medication that has that crazy list of side effects where you realize you'd rather die from the illness than actually deal with the fallout. You know, stuff like involuntary bowel movements and the such. But before anyone freaks out, I won't die if I don't take my meds and no, I'm not having a party in my pants either. What I am getting is the worst of "possible joint, muscle, or body pain"... Which means I get all of them. So yay me.

Two. Since I do feel like the awful bits of the cow that no one eats today, I've been spoiling myself. I bought a carton of milk for the office so I can make tea-lattes and even spent the extra fifty-cents to get sugar cubes. Aww yeah, sugar cubes, I can just imagine playing at a tea party. "one lump or two, mister fluffypants?". So I made some tea and opened the box of cubes. And this is where my tea party hit the wall. In an amazing display of efficiency, every cubic millimeter of that box was filled with a sugar cube making it practically impossible to get one out. Instantly I was rueing my lack of foresight in failing to secure some mini tongs. Instead I had to jerry rig a paper clip and jiggle the box upside down. But I got my two lumps. Add some milk and my tea party was a go.

Three. I actually wrote "I spit in this" on my carton of milk before storing it in the fridge. I've never tried it before but there are a lot of coffee drinkers in my office.

Four. Apparently people are fleeing Dubai en mass. Evidently the economic situation has caused a lot of people to default on their loans. And in Dubai, they actually have debtors prison. Wow. I can't even imagine what the u.s. would be like if we had those. Emptier?


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