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what's up with the selfish (you asshats!)?

ok - first of all, what is up with the selfish!!! eh??? eh???

I know times are getting tough, but that doesn't mean that swiping things is gonna make it any better, you cheese heads. I am referring to the fact that someone keeps swiping the good magazines out of the women's bathroom on my office floor.

Someone put a table in the handicap stall and when I started working there, it used to be covered with really boring magazines. Actually those same boring magazines are still there.. like the L.L.Bean men's winter catalog. though the Simple Living magazine isn't too bad, its just been there for four months now and I've read it at least twice.

About a month ago, I thought I'd contribute to the table and bring in my own magazines that I'd already read and enjoyed. So I contributed issues of Yoga Journal, Victoria's Secret catalog, Sierra Club, and Communications of the ACM. These are excellent magazines and maybe a little too excellent because within a week, someone had swiped the Yoga Journal and the Victoria's Secret. and I kind of understand the Victoria's Secret 'cause maybe someone needed to place an order. but everyone likes Yoga Journal so I thought that was pretty mean. and for some reason, no one appeared to be reading my computing magazine so I took it back after awhile.

So I didn't bring in anymore magazines after that, but this last week someone brought in a copy of "more" which was a really cool magazine about plus-40 women living fantastic lives. There was an article by Tim Gunn about dressing your age, a trend update on how women become lesbians in their older age, and just all kinds of interesting stuff.

And you KNOW what happened next! Within 3 days, the magazine disappeared. ARGHHH!! are we to be condemned to a life of L.L. BEAN on the third floor women's bathroom! ASSHATS! Why is my building filled with ASSHATS!!!??


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