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when worlds collide...

Tonight a friend asked me out to see a local band she knew, playing at a bar/lounge. This isn't the greatest bar in the world. Its located in the planned downtown area of the not-quite-as-cool part of town. The location used to be a mexican pastry shop (which I was sad to hear because I love pastry) and seemed to be doing theme nights to drum up business. I'd been there once before for techno night, which consisted of ear-killing acoustics and having the oldtimers giving the 'younger' crowd the eye.

but off I went, and the moment I walked into the door I got confused. The entire place was filled with elderly swing-dancers (west coast style) but the music was contemporary. I stumbled off to the bar area only to be accosted by a gentleman who informed me that I had missed the free dance lessons. "Don't worry", I said. "There's still a lot of dancing left over there".

So I sat down to wait, giving the old dude an evil look every time he appeared to be considering talking to me and instead picked up a 19 yr old self-described social butterfly who came over to talk because it made him feel bad to see people sitting alone. "I don't feel bad", i told him. "Oh", he said "Maybe its just me then".

but eventually my friend showed up and the band started playing. but the best part was that, while all of us (friends of the band) were standing around bobbing our heads, the swing dancers decided to take back the floor. Evidently, we weren't using it properly. Turns out that on Thursday night, this bar is the swingin' place for mature adults.


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