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1 - the plan

today I woke up with one shoulder higher than the other. The tendon on the left side of my neck had tensed up badly enough to make an observable difference in my body. And I just knew this was a sign. People don't know what they are missing, that's part of what it means to be 'missing'. But at some point, if you are lucky or observant enough, you get a wake up call and you realize that things can be better.

So today I decided that I'm going to do it. Make things better. I want a better life. I want to be happy. But the moment I decided that, I needed to figure it out what I meant by happy. After googling around a bit, I realized that what I wanted was to be more satisfied with my life. And that this was good, this defining things part. Because defining things lets me make a better plan.

So the first thing I did was evaluate my life on a scale. And the thing to note is, what scale i use doesn't really matter. If I rate from one to ten, it turns out that I don't believe in tens. Trust me, I've been filling out evaluations for several years, I don't believe in the tens, ones, and rarely in twos. So after rating my life, I figured out my average and identified the outliers. And to make my plan, these measures are important. So here is what I got:

highs: Money, Personal Growth *excellent - these are the things that I am not going to change anything about. Don't mess with a good thing.
lows: Career, Physical Environment *These are the things that get the top priority because its the stuff impacting me the most.
averages: Family/Friends, S.O., Fun/Recreation, Physical Health. Once I deal with the low points, I'll swing around back to these.
So in order: Career, Physical Environment, S.O., Family/Friends, Fun/Recreation, Physical Health.

And to make this clear, I'm giving myself 100 days to work on this. Why 100 days? Its a good number, and it lets me know that I mean business!

So here is my initial plan:
1. identify the problem (1 week)
2. research some solutions (2 weeks)
3. implement (1 - 2 months)
4. check results (1 week)
5. identify next step (1 week)

I love making project plans!


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