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a sure thing

Lately, I've come to realize something. And when I say 'lately', I am referring both the the fact that I've just become aware of this fact in the past few days, and that I'm at least ten years overdue for this little life lesson. But, I don't feel too horrible as it seems that a lot of people haven't worked this out. And what is it, you may be tired of waiting already, i know..

Unsolicited advice is rarely helpful. (note* rarely = not often). What does this mean to you? If someone isn't asking for your help with something, then keep your damn mouth shut! And if you actually believe that the frequent responses of "Oh, I hadn't thought about that" or "That sounds like a good idea; maybe I'll try that next time" are proof that your good advice is actually being taken, then I suggest you stop reading this blog. Cause I don't want to associate with you in any fashion.

Seriously, from the helpful weight loss advice you're handing out to the recommendations for buying a new car, the truth is that the object of your masturbatory attempt at edification really doesn't want to hear it. If you really want to be helpful, then do something helpful, but don't waste time flapping your gums at others. So everybody, in our new age of "what the hell is going on out there?", let's all take a moment to increase our self-awareness. The next time you think about sharing your knowledge with someone, ask yourself first "Did they actually request help?". Cause odds are, if they didn't ask for it, they sure as hell aren't going to listen to you.


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