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Code warrior

So this week I've been trying to focus on the Buddhist concept of right intention. To summarize in a nutshell, it's the renunciation of worldly things and it's definitely worth reading a little more about if you are interested. I think wikipedia has a decent entry on this.

Anyway, part of wisdom is the realization of the impermenance of things. So today, I was sitting at work, reading through some code. By preference, i'm a perl girl. But I did use to write in other languages so I definitely have opinions. Anywho, I'm reading through this piece of code today that has the distinct feeling of being written by someone who really had limited experience with perl but was probably proficient in something else. Like fortran. And as usual, no disrespect to other language (kiss my ass python! Jokingjoking!) but it really helps if you take a moment to understand what a language is good at and intended for before you just write whatever it is you would've done in fortran, mainframe, c, whathaveyou instead of this thing that your boss is makng you use. To be more succinct: This code was crazy and not of the good.

And I just can't tell if I'm getting wiser, lazier, or just more beatdown about these kinds of things. Six years ago, I would've just laughed and re-written the whole damn thing better. But now, I just know that in a few years... Someone else will be looking at my stuff and thinking how crappy it is. So instead, I'm settling for understanding it (since it does actually work) and maybe planning a few improvements for later.

Am I a buddha yet?


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