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I know I've posted some questionable items on my blog... and this entry goes in that bucket.

I'm watching American Idol this season (and if this is shocking then we can't have been that close, eh?).. usually, the loml and I stop watching when it gets to the finalists cause its not that interesting anymore. but this season, there have been a couple of contestants who've really caught my interest, like Allison Iraheta who is so awesome that it almost makes me wish that I bothered to vote. But this is all besides the point.

I was just watching the latest show when this performance by Adam Lambert seared itself into my brain!!!

If you have ever heard "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, you might recognize Adam's cover. Either way, its like the rock gods of the 70's have incarnated themselves in this wacko contestant. I now, officially, lurve him forever or until his next bad performance. note* the performance doesn't actually start until 1:40 in.

that is all.


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