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movie updates

ok - everybody, just some quick movie news.

1) Hitman, starring Timothy Olyphant. This movie is awesome. It was totally filled with killing, russian hookers, and more killing. And, as if that wasn't enough, it should also be praised for the things it didn't have: a plot or sex scenes. I realize that this means its probably not a great movie, but for what it is, it was fantastic. The movie is based on a video game and any attempts to flesh out a plot probably would have failed badly, so they didn't really try. Also, the questionable addition of russian hookers was tempered by the choice to not have any sex scenes (and while this may be disappointing to some of you, its what made this movie better than the average gratuitous violence and boobs flick). So for its worth, if this movie sounds interesting to you, I recommend.

2) Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li: ok - so I finally got around to watching this one. On the plus side, it wasn't that bad. On the negative side, it just wasn't that good. Unfortunately, nothing about this movie distinguishes it, besides an rather badly performed supporting role by Chris Klein playing a bad-ass interpol agent. acting was alright, fight scenes were ok.. I don't think that russian hookers or merciless killing would've made a difference. so.. save your time and money and skip this one.

Winner! Hitman, by a headshot.


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