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no line on the horizon

I really enjoy these phases of self-improvement. Its really easy to get stuck in the same old cycle of death and rebirth.. suffer suffer suffer.

Its like listening to my downstairs neighbors, who have got to be the stupidest people I can think of right now. They seem really nice, but one of the first things they did after moving into their 1,000 sq. foot 2 bed/2 bath apartment was get two hunting dogs (or puppies. I am sure they were really cute at the time). But now, they are monsters who howl all day.

When I was on my sabbatical, I would listen to these dogs howl and bark all day while their owners were out. All freakin' day. And I'm not an expert, much less a dog owner, but even I know that these guys aren't getting walked enough. I even wrote a nice note to my neighbors explaining that I was at home all day, and would be happy to take their dogs out for a walk.. if they liked.

they did not like, but for good reason. The next time I saw them, they explained that they were taking the dogs to obedience class, which I get. One time I went downstairs to ask them something and we had to have the conversation through the slit of the door because the dude couldn't restrain his animals from hurling themselves at the opening.

So now we hear them, like the worst dysfunctional family ever. "hooooooowlll.. HOOOOOOOWWWWLLL" "SHUT UP!!!"

These people must live in hell, and I can't figure out why. Get rid of your dogs. Hire someone to walk them during the day. But DO SOMETHING!!

and see, you've figured out my ridiculously unsubtle parable by now right. Don't be my stupid neighbors.


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