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playing hooky

Today was a snow day for me. The current weather weather conditions turned my 40 minute commute into something about twice or more that, so I gave up after a slow mile and a half and came home.

Its been kind of a weird day. I ate breakfast in the car, and finished all my web surfing in the first hour. After that I wasn't sure what to do so I started digging through my sewing pile. That went well and after a couple of hours I had made a great looking sweater vest from an old sweater, hemmed a cool t-shirt that was too long, and modified a too-small Victoria Secret re-gifted sweater. by then, i was getting pretty antsy and had to stop cutting up my clothes before I started screwing up. So after making myself a small lunch, I decided to walk to the grocery store.

that plan was insane considering how much i detest cold weather, but I figured I owned all these clothes for some good reason so I got dressed and headed out. Only to realize that none of the sidewalks had been shoveled and that my sneakers were getting wet. So after making a small circuit of my condo and chatting with the neighbors about the controversial topic of assigned parking spaces, I went back inside.

and maybe I was bored or had mis-diagnosed thirst but I found a burrito in the freezer that was just demanding that I eat it. And I'm not sure what I was expecting really. I was hoping it would taste like the awful frozen burritos that I used to eat in college I guess. But this didn't. It was some kind of healthy tofu vegetarian burrito. For the first three bites it was awful, until i realized that it was supposed to taste like chinese stir fry. and then it was better.

lucky for me, the loml sent me a link to a flash game (viking defense if you want to play it) and I did that while watching television. That was going well, until our maid service showed up at which point I had to leave.

I guess I need to work on my patrician skills, but it makes me uncomfortable to watch other people work when I'm not helping. and our apartment isn't big enough for me to avoid both of the maids so i left.

I had to shovel out the back of my car since the snow plow had shoved over about a foot and half of crap. and then I went to safeway where I bought some tea.

Now I was standing in line behind a teen mom and her friend, trying really hard not to critique her shopping basket (but seriously, doesn't everyone know there is no juice in those juice drinks!). and then she started paying with grocery store gift cards and had some kind of issue which caused a small traffic jam and suddenly I was wishing I had never left the house in the first place.

So i get home and the ladies are still cleaning, which is great. they're doing a great job and now I can't touch anything because its so damn clean. so here I am, holed up on the bed, not touching anything.


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