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spring has sprung

Well, I don't know about you but the weather here today is fantastic!

Fantastic enough to make a small list of material items that I would like to acknowledge. I know I'm on task for my personal project of making my own life better (and I still am in phase 1), but the weather has made me happy enough to say 'thanks' to these things, or as I prefer to call them, my little plastic friends:

Item #1
: the giant litter box.
Yep.. its exactly what it sounds like and when you have four cats, its sorta helpful. $23 and made by PetMate, who also makes Item #2.

Item #2: the litter-locker by PetMate.

Basically, its the diaper genie for cats. The downside is that it takes $10 refill cartridges, but again... when you have 4 cats, these kinds of things happen. Which just makes me think that I own a LOT of cat stuff, because the next item is...

Item #3: The 'Le Bistro' auto-feeder.

Nothing else stops the baneful howls of the damn cats at 5:30am. This one was about $50, again by PetMate (what is up with these people??). I have got to tell you, its programmable, runs on batteries, and the cats will sort out their own pecking order, trust me.

Item #4: My Gusanito worm condo...

because I finally needed pets who do something for me, instead of the other way around. My 5-tier beauty cost me $80! but it also processes a lot of my garbage and in return, I get garden compost and some great liquid fertilizer for the plants. Are you listening, cats! eh??

Item #5: KitchenAid blender
(technically, not made of plastic - but still very helpful). Everything Kitchen Aide makes seems to be a little more expensive, but the quality shows. This is a damn good blender.

So now that I'm looking at this list, and I'm wondering what it says about me... that these are the things that I a) own b) would recommend to others c) are helpful to me... I guess its says that I have 4 cats, some worms, and a blender? part-aayy!


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