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It's a good indicator that something is no longer cool the second your mother and everybody is doing it. And today this means Facebook. So for those of you who're still in the throes of resistance, congratulations. You've outlasted the trend.

As for the rest of us, I think it's a good moment to discuss getting a grip (assuming you don't have one):

There are two areas that people seem to have problems in:
1) I don't want my personal business all over the internets where other people can find out what super private stuff I'm doing.
2) I don't want to hang out with all those people from high school/college/the old neighborhood/my ex-dungeon master because they make me question my value as a person.

my initial response to these issues is simple:

Which I suppose is lacking in sensitivity. So here is my second attempt:
Not everyone gets a chance to show what a grown up they are. So here it is. If you don't want people seeing your highly sensitive business, you should really think about checking your privacy settings and whether or not what you're doing is such a big deal. Note* posting questionable photos of your self on the Internet is a Fantastic idea! I can't imagine what could possibly go wrong there. But seriously, people can be stupid so I can almost understand why a person would choose not to put out extra information about themselves. Why not err on the side of modesty.

However, if you think talking to people from your past is making you feel bad then it's seriously time to put on your big girl panties. Either those people are being jerks or you are. It's time to figure it out. Do you know how much this kind of self-realization costs in therapy?

Good luck and happy internetting!


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