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the hunchback

When I was in Beunos Aires a few years ago, I bought a small plastic chicken. I was walking past a toy store when I saw it in the window. It laid little plastic eggs and I just knew I had to have it. I walked into the store and when I couldn't find it, approached a clerk with my non-existent spanish, "pollo?" and made smallish hand gestures to indicate.

She showed me a stuffed chicken. So after some more hand gestures, I got her to follow me to the window where I indicated the little plastic chicken. She told me it was on the bottom floor and about 5 minutes later, I was in proud possession of what I immediately named "Esmerelda" (the chicken).

Fast forward to the now. In preparation for the maid service, I was de-cluttering my bedside table when I found Esmerelda underneath a magazine. I knew she deserved better so I brought her to work. and today, something magical happened (oh yes):

I've been having some issues with people at work.. and I've been failing to adjust my attitude appropriately, which has been impacting my performance. Its really the worst thing that can happen. but today, as one of these people was standing at my cube entrance, I happened to glance at Esmerelda, sitting on my desk.

And I thought, "she's just a little plastic chicken. she doesn't care about this shit." and I looked back at the person rambling on in my cube, and I smiled at them. Because I genuinely felt a cessation of ill will towards them. Occasionally I would look back at Esmerelda and think, "she's such a happy chicken. and she's happy because all of this is crap and she's above it."

and I actually made it through the whole morning not eating my own liver out of frustration, like I have been the past week.

So yes, I know it sounds like i've lost it. but just think.. Does it really matter?


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