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the ides of march/march madness

So it always seems like there is some kind of sports thing going on (which I usually ignore, in the hopes that it'll be over sooner than later), but this year the loml said "hey baby, why don't you fill out a bracket?". Which was an intriguing idea, so I filled one out. It took me a while to fill one out, since I'm only familiar with one region of the u.s. and then I had to make odd guesses about the rest of it (should I vote for gonzaga? that's a weird name..) any who, so I was pretty excited when I finally got the thing done. Only to discover that the loml had filled out five of them! wtf?! what about pride and integrity, eh? (we'll ignore that part where I picked wake forest cause I think they might be ok). but whatever, the scheme worked and for once, i was kinda excited about the basketball.

well, for at least two nights I was excited... until I realized that my bracket was totally hosed. and then I realized why they called it march madness. Cause I was mad, really. So that was the end of my sports fandom. We'll see if the loml suckers me into it next year, and maybe I'll fill out five brackets too.


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