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i'm melting... melting...

As a rule, I do not partake of the fear-mongering ritual that we call 'the news'. I figure if its really important, then somehow I'll find out about it. and that isn't to say that I don't read news.. I just prefer to read about other kinds of news, especially from these guys:

  • http://boingboing.net - they call themselves "a directory of wonderful things". I think of them as more of a consolidation of the weird and wacky. Either way, this site rocks.
  • http://consumerist.com - if you need to fuel your indignation at corporate america, this site is for you. A great place to keep up on interesting consumer stories, though it does get a bit repetitive after several months.
  • http://jezebel.com - "Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women" yes, yes, YES! I love this site for all things truly girly - feminism, occasional book chats, social commentary, and of course, fashion reviews. The loml has had an unreasonable dislike of this site ever since they published this article about men growing facial hair, but hey.. that's just how they roll..
  • http://io9.com - this is my guilty geeky secret. No matter how socialized I like to think I am, at some point I'm just relieved to be able to get to one website where all they talk about is comic books, bad sci-fi movies, and the spoilers to last week's episodes of Dollhouse, True Blood, and make fun of all the other shows I refuse to watch ('heroes'). This is the site that will tell you about Gillian Anderson being on Dr.Who. If you dig that, you must start reading this site.

Now I realize some of you may be thinking, "weird and wacky is all fine and well, but none of these sites come close to news, not like CNN". Yes, that is true. but I will point out, there is a lot of trash on CNN (do we really need to see another item about how someone killed themselves and/or their entire family because the economy?). and this whole pig/swine flu thing still hit two of the four sites on my list... so you see, if its really important, I'm sure I'll read about it.


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