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Incredible India - Pt 4: Vrindavan

So the thing is, by the time we made it to Vrindavan.. we were pretty tired. We'd been in India well over a week. We'd seen and done and eaten and traveled by plane, train, car, bus, auto-rickshaw and regular rickshaw.

So by the time we reached Vrindavan, I'm afraid we didn't take that many pictures. Which is too bad, because the place we stayed at was an ashram run by ISKCON (the international society for krishna consciousness - which is a sneaky way of saying we stayed with hare krishnas).. and it was beautiful inside.

Vrindavan is holy because when Krishna first materialized on earth, he first walked there. It was also super dusty there. Several people, including myself, wound up with some wicked congestion/lung issues.

While we were there, we visited the Food for Life Vrindavan school. This school provides education, basic medical services, food, and sometimes housing to poor area children. And I have to tell you, after seeing all the kids begging on the street, it was a relief to see this place.

The loml let them get a hold of the camera and they took some pics.

We spent a few days there. We did more yoga, and some shopping, and relaxing during the midday heat.

While in India it was really common to see cows and pigs in the streets, eating trash. These were cleanest nicest ones we saw.

There were also a lot of monkeys in Vrindavan but we didn't get any pics of them. They were pretty bold and the only thing that made them back off was when the loml got a stick and acted authoritative (I just know there is some kind of joke in here somewhere).

So after three or four days, we got in a car and rode back to the Delhi airport, where we flew home (after a pit stop in Vienna). I can't really summarize my trip to India. Its spiritually beautiful but materially horrifying in some respects, and it was definitely an adventure.


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