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May 3, 2009

working out ... bleh.

i went to the gym this morning with the loml. It was novel, since I haven't been to the gym in a couple of months. So I ask the loml how long he normally works out, and he tells me that he does a one-hour workout and then thirty minutes with the sauna and shower.

Now, I think that's a lot of time. but I figure I can work it so I hit the treadmills because I've been trying to get into running. That kills about 20 minutes and I've worked up a sweat - great. Then I do some leg stretches and try a rowing machine.

I feel for the rowing machines. No one at the gym uses them but once, they were awesome. So I gave that a whirl for another 10 minutes until my arms decided they didn't like the whole rowing motion. So to kill more time, I did some ab work and stretched out my hip flexors.

Still - more time to kill. But I didn't want to do anymore stuff, so I decided to visit the sauna.. which I love. And I thought, "why can't working out be more like the sauna? Its like a getting a present or something.." I love the sauna. If my own personal gym of evil (the infamous Lady of America, who tricked me into a 3 year contract) had one I could use, I would be there 3 times a week, guaranteed.

So I guess what I realized at the gym today was.. I don't like 1 hour work outs. and I can't work out for more than 3 days in a row before getting crazy fatigue. Apparently, I don't have the constitution for the high energy work out lifestlye. Which I suppose would be ok, except the loml is a high-energy nut. which I can tell you, has caused us no end of frustration when we go on vacations.

So there it is.. small thoughts from me on a rainy sunday.

candy consumption

I feel like the quality of my posts have been a little inconsistent since returning from india, but I still feel the need to inform you all of this highly important news that I have only recently become aware of.

King-size snickers bars NO LONGER satisfy! That is correct. I don't know when those bean-counting jerks over at M&M/Mars did this, but this past week I went down to the little cafe in my building and bought one.

And at first, I thought the candy bar had been broken in half. So I picked up the next one, and the next one, only to note that the entire box was the same. So I bought the thing anyway which is when I noticed that king-size snicker bars are now conveniently made in TWO mini bars for my consuming pleasure?!? What the HELL IS THIS?

I don't buy something called a king-size candy bar so I can get two baby bars! Who does?

and I swear they've reduced the thickness of the 'chocolate' coating. I'm not going to tell you how I know this, maybe later.

May 5, 2009

and I'll cry if I want to

I did not go out for Cinco de Mayo tonight.

I didn't even realize it was Cinco de Mayo until around 2pm when I saw an e-mail from my 'women's social group' asking who wanted to head out to the local Rio Grande.

and then (if you can believe it, cause I barely can't) my thoughts went sorta like this:
margaritas! yes!
god awful crowds! hell no!
don't I have yoga tonight?

and that was it. I went to yoga and learned all about how my biceps are insufficiently strong enough to support my shoulders while in Pincha Mayurasana (peacock feather pose).

May 7, 2009

oh sweet mystery...

I'm kind of tired today since I haven't been sleeping well (due to a combination of lots of things which I'm not going to discuss but the point is that I've got a fatigue headache right now).

anyway, I was diddling around on the internet, when I accidentally clicked on my shortcut for "Diner Dash". You probably don't know this game, but its one of a million mindless clickity-click games that you can play for free on the internet. but I loved it so much, that I actually bought all three sets of Diner Dash (for a discount, of course)..

I played the heck out of the games when I first bought them, but then eventually got distracted by other games.. I still have a nascent yearning to play Age of Empires (or Age of Mythology or any of the sequels) that consistently makes itself known.

So in honor of my geek tendencies, I give you this link to the WoWpod.

The creator explains the inspiration for the WoWpod as such:
"When you raid, you’ve got 24 other people from all over the place, all sitting there ready to go, ready to try to kill such-and-such a boss. Many nights, you try for hours and come away empty handed. It’s just that hard. The result is a pretty high pressure environment where breaks are frowned upon. If you’ve got to wait every 10 minutes for someone to heat up their microwave dinner, the whole group falls apart. The WoW pod plays on this context to anticipate all life-needs of the “advanced” wow player. "

May 8, 2009

miss mary

When I went to India, I thought that I would return changed. I figured that I would be more spiritual and enlightened.. that I would feel more grounded in myself and have a better understanding of the direction that I wanted to take my life.

well, only one of those things was right. I changed. but what I really learned, was how to say "no". I can sugarcoat this one and tell you that I got in touch with my inner self. That I learned what my boundaries were and that I needed to respect myself. but, really.. I learned to say, "no".

Because on my 15-day vacation, there was always something going on. There was always a scheduled activity or a child begging for money. People who would want me just to push myself a little more, to do just one more thing. And I tried, and at some point I got tired, and then I got sick. And finally, i just started saying, "no."

Now, some people may think that its a shame or that I might have actually gone the wrong direction on the path to self-enlightenment. but I don't think so.

May 14, 2009


ok, I managed to watch the Star Trek movie today.

and i have about 2 things to say.

1 - thank you JJ Abrams. For this amazing movie, I will pretend you have nothing to do with that festering joke of a tv show that the public uses to demonstrate emotional attachment... ( i mean Lost).

2 - This movie really reminded me of star trek II: the wrath of khan.. except it was about spock, not kirk. and it was so well done.

May 18, 2009

cat in the wall Part 2

so, I've recently had the pleasure of moving into a single family home.. and its been so long since I've been in one of these that I seem to have forgotten about all benefits that come with. like, last night, when the contractor was sanding the floor at 9pm, I actually got worried about the neighbors. but then I realized, the closest neighbor is at least 100 yards away! hah - let's pump up the volume.

and let us not forget all the space. After living in a thousand square foot apartment for years and years, I don't even know what all these rooms are used for. I've started making up names as I go along, like the library, the m.i.l. suite, the man shed, the serenity room, the party room, the cruise ship bathroom... etc..

Did you know that some cities have a service where every couple of weeks, they come by your house and vacuum up leaves that you've pushed to the curb?

even the cats are getting into the spirit of things. Just this morning, one of the adventurous little bastards discovered that its possible to climb into the wall through a gap by the breaker box! amazing what features these old houses have!

and if the sounds of a cat crying from the wall at 6 am doesn't just make home ownership all worth it, then I don't know what does.

but don't worry, the loml and I are used to this kind of thing. You can read about our first cat in the wall issue here.

May 19, 2009

that darn cat

ok - so this was supposed to be a post about my tv, but instead its about my cat. the same cat that I wrote about yesterday.. the one that got stuck in the wall.

I came home today and it took me a few minutes to get to the cats. They're being confined to the basement area for a few days, which is good because it'll help them get used to the space. I was a little distracted because I got a present in the mail and I was screwing around with it, until I realized that I only had seen three out of four cats.

I wasn't worried because I figured if cat #4 was in trouble, she'd be crying right now.. right? ha! HA! HAHAHAHAHA! right.

So I was booting up my laptop when I hear this thunking noise coming from the ceiling. A very cat-like thunking noise. When I look over, I see one of the cats which almost explained it, except this cat was staring at the ceiling. And sure enough, when I walked over there and called out for the missing cat, I heard a muffled whine.

Unbelievable, yet all too believable since this is the adventure cat who managed to crawl into the wall yesterday. The only thing I can figure this time is that she managed to climb some shelves and then launch her self onto an exposed beam from the storage room.. either that or she pushed through one of the ceiling tiles. I'm not discounting either theory, but the moment I lifted up a ceiling tile, my cat hopped out.

I certainly hope this isn't some kind of trend.

May 25, 2009

the house

You know how people used to name their homes? Like in a Jane Austen novel, where all the estates had names.. like 'Pemberly'. Or in Rebecca, where the house was named 'Manadaly'.. i think..(actually its Manderley, but who read that book anyway). Then whenever people wrote letters, they would put at the top the name of the house. I guess so that people knew where they were at the time, which I don't get unless they didn't use return addresses.. but this is all besides the point.

The house (as in, the thing that the loml and I just bought) looks like it might be consuming some time. and energy. It sits on half and acre and the previous owner stopped yard maintenance. at least half a year ago. so i figure i'll probably need to name it soon. Because at some point, its going to be the only thing I write about. that and the cats (but they already have names)... So vote in everybody. What should I name the place?

May 31, 2009

The big screen

first of all, I'd like to apologize to you, dear reader, for the slowness of the updates. I know you're all just waiting, WAITING to see what part of the house my cats get stuck in next. That being said, here is something I actually wrote 10 days ago but never published. I'm working on it, I swear. this and the house (which I know I said was going to name... Meowderley remains a favourite).


We just switched to Verizon fios for our home. Which confused me for about 30 minutes. As in that is how long it took me to figure out the new channel arrangements (you have to cut me some slack here, the channels go up past a thousand if the numbering scheme is to be believed). Anywho, as part if the intro offer we got two months of free premium channels. The first hit is free right?

So last night I sat down to see what I had been missing these past few years. Which leads to the meat of my entry: movie reviews!

1. Journey to the Center of the Earth - starring Brendan Fraser. I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this one. I've seen the original (1959), which was awesome btw, and was glad to see that this one wasn't a remake as much as it was a continuation. They pulled off the Disney childlike sense of wonder thing of really well, and Brendan Fraser's stereotypical acting job was actually a little endearing. One and a half thumbs up (but only if its free)!

2. Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer. I'm going to spare you my opinions on Jessica Alba playing Sue Storm (for once). I had pegged this movie as bad in advance, based on the 'quality' of the first movie and previews. I was sad but unsurprised to see I was right. The only good thing in this movie was a nice cinematic view of earth about to get eaten by the destroyer of worlds from space. Aside from that, the movie really really blew. One and a half thumbs down (you would have to pay me to watch this again).

3. Transformers. yes, i know there is a sequel almost out already. So this is a tricky one. I recall people really raving about this one. But the truth is, this is not a good movie. This is a bad movie. And not in a way that I enjoyed either. The plot was bad, the writing was bad, the acting was ok but offset by the fact that cgi robots can't act (at least not these ones). All of these things only underscored the attempted manipulation of audience emotions via shitty cinematic soundtrack/theme music/audio cueing. And I love movie music, but nothing illustrates how much a movie is failing to deliver than when the music conflicts with the viewing experience. "This is a heroic dramatic scene, so we're going to play the Big Music" - but it reality the scene isn't living up to its 'flight of the bumble-bee' -ness.

But in spite of these numerous failings, this movie kept me pinned to my seat for the last 30 minutes. And you know why? Cause I loved this cartoon when I was a kid! Hearing Optimus Prime say "Autobots, let's transform and roll out!" should have been the best part of the movie for me. And it almost was! The transformations were amazing! The robot fight scenes were fantastic! But they only made up maybe 10 minutes of the movie. So in the end, I just felt kind of dirty as I had cashed in a few years of nostalgia to sit through an hour of bad. A sad and smudgy half a thumb up on this one... and if I watch it again, I may just get bitter.

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