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candy consumption

I feel like the quality of my posts have been a little inconsistent since returning from india, but I still feel the need to inform you all of this highly important news that I have only recently become aware of.

King-size snickers bars NO LONGER satisfy! That is correct. I don't know when those bean-counting jerks over at M&M/Mars did this, but this past week I went down to the little cafe in my building and bought one.

And at first, I thought the candy bar had been broken in half. So I picked up the next one, and the next one, only to note that the entire box was the same. So I bought the thing anyway which is when I noticed that king-size snicker bars are now conveniently made in TWO mini bars for my consuming pleasure?!? What the HELL IS THIS?

I don't buy something called a king-size candy bar so I can get two baby bars! Who does?

and I swear they've reduced the thickness of the 'chocolate' coating. I'm not going to tell you how I know this, maybe later.


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