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cat in the wall Part 2

so, I've recently had the pleasure of moving into a single family home.. and its been so long since I've been in one of these that I seem to have forgotten about all benefits that come with. like, last night, when the contractor was sanding the floor at 9pm, I actually got worried about the neighbors. but then I realized, the closest neighbor is at least 100 yards away! hah - let's pump up the volume.

and let us not forget all the space. After living in a thousand square foot apartment for years and years, I don't even know what all these rooms are used for. I've started making up names as I go along, like the library, the m.i.l. suite, the man shed, the serenity room, the party room, the cruise ship bathroom... etc..

Did you know that some cities have a service where every couple of weeks, they come by your house and vacuum up leaves that you've pushed to the curb?

even the cats are getting into the spirit of things. Just this morning, one of the adventurous little bastards discovered that its possible to climb into the wall through a gap by the breaker box! amazing what features these old houses have!

and if the sounds of a cat crying from the wall at 6 am doesn't just make home ownership all worth it, then I don't know what does.

but don't worry, the loml and I are used to this kind of thing. You can read about our first cat in the wall issue here.


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