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miss mary

When I went to India, I thought that I would return changed. I figured that I would be more spiritual and enlightened.. that I would feel more grounded in myself and have a better understanding of the direction that I wanted to take my life.

well, only one of those things was right. I changed. but what I really learned, was how to say "no". I can sugarcoat this one and tell you that I got in touch with my inner self. That I learned what my boundaries were and that I needed to respect myself. but, really.. I learned to say, "no".

Because on my 15-day vacation, there was always something going on. There was always a scheduled activity or a child begging for money. People who would want me just to push myself a little more, to do just one more thing. And I tried, and at some point I got tired, and then I got sick. And finally, i just started saying, "no."

Now, some people may think that its a shame or that I might have actually gone the wrong direction on the path to self-enlightenment. but I don't think so.


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