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oh sweet mystery...

I'm kind of tired today since I haven't been sleeping well (due to a combination of lots of things which I'm not going to discuss but the point is that I've got a fatigue headache right now).

anyway, I was diddling around on the internet, when I accidentally clicked on my shortcut for "Diner Dash". You probably don't know this game, but its one of a million mindless clickity-click games that you can play for free on the internet. but I loved it so much, that I actually bought all three sets of Diner Dash (for a discount, of course)..

I played the heck out of the games when I first bought them, but then eventually got distracted by other games.. I still have a nascent yearning to play Age of Empires (or Age of Mythology or any of the sequels) that consistently makes itself known.

So in honor of my geek tendencies, I give you this link to the WoWpod.

The creator explains the inspiration for the WoWpod as such:
"When you raid, you’ve got 24 other people from all over the place, all sitting there ready to go, ready to try to kill such-and-such a boss. Many nights, you try for hours and come away empty handed. It’s just that hard. The result is a pretty high pressure environment where breaks are frowned upon. If you’ve got to wait every 10 minutes for someone to heat up their microwave dinner, the whole group falls apart. The WoW pod plays on this context to anticipate all life-needs of the “advanced” wow player. "


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