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that darn cat

ok - so this was supposed to be a post about my tv, but instead its about my cat. the same cat that I wrote about yesterday.. the one that got stuck in the wall.

I came home today and it took me a few minutes to get to the cats. They're being confined to the basement area for a few days, which is good because it'll help them get used to the space. I was a little distracted because I got a present in the mail and I was screwing around with it, until I realized that I only had seen three out of four cats.

I wasn't worried because I figured if cat #4 was in trouble, she'd be crying right now.. right? ha! HA! HAHAHAHAHA! right.

So I was booting up my laptop when I hear this thunking noise coming from the ceiling. A very cat-like thunking noise. When I look over, I see one of the cats which almost explained it, except this cat was staring at the ceiling. And sure enough, when I walked over there and called out for the missing cat, I heard a muffled whine.

Unbelievable, yet all too believable since this is the adventure cat who managed to crawl into the wall yesterday. The only thing I can figure this time is that she managed to climb some shelves and then launch her self onto an exposed beam from the storage room.. either that or she pushed through one of the ceiling tiles. I'm not discounting either theory, but the moment I lifted up a ceiling tile, my cat hopped out.

I certainly hope this isn't some kind of trend.


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