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the house

You know how people used to name their homes? Like in a Jane Austen novel, where all the estates had names.. like 'Pemberly'. Or in Rebecca, where the house was named 'Manadaly'.. i think..(actually its Manderley, but who read that book anyway). Then whenever people wrote letters, they would put at the top the name of the house. I guess so that people knew where they were at the time, which I don't get unless they didn't use return addresses.. but this is all besides the point.

The house (as in, the thing that the loml and I just bought) looks like it might be consuming some time. and energy. It sits on half and acre and the previous owner stopped yard maintenance. at least half a year ago. so i figure i'll probably need to name it soon. Because at some point, its going to be the only thing I write about. that and the cats (but they already have names)... So vote in everybody. What should I name the place?


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