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working out ... bleh.

i went to the gym this morning with the loml. It was novel, since I haven't been to the gym in a couple of months. So I ask the loml how long he normally works out, and he tells me that he does a one-hour workout and then thirty minutes with the sauna and shower.

Now, I think that's a lot of time. but I figure I can work it so I hit the treadmills because I've been trying to get into running. That kills about 20 minutes and I've worked up a sweat - great. Then I do some leg stretches and try a rowing machine.

I feel for the rowing machines. No one at the gym uses them but once, they were awesome. So I gave that a whirl for another 10 minutes until my arms decided they didn't like the whole rowing motion. So to kill more time, I did some ab work and stretched out my hip flexors.

Still - more time to kill. But I didn't want to do anymore stuff, so I decided to visit the sauna.. which I love. And I thought, "why can't working out be more like the sauna? Its like a getting a present or something.." I love the sauna. If my own personal gym of evil (the infamous Lady of America, who tricked me into a 3 year contract) had one I could use, I would be there 3 times a week, guaranteed.

So I guess what I realized at the gym today was.. I don't like 1 hour work outs. and I can't work out for more than 3 days in a row before getting crazy fatigue. Apparently, I don't have the constitution for the high energy work out lifestlye. Which I suppose would be ok, except the loml is a high-energy nut. which I can tell you, has caused us no end of frustration when we go on vacations.

So there it is.. small thoughts from me on a rainy sunday.


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